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In case you missed it... earlier this year - ZOOM North America put the spotlight on myself and The Grindhouse Radio via their website. We've been endorsed by the kings of podcasting equipment for a a bit over a year now, and we couldn't be prouder representing such a terrific brand! If you are an aspiring podcaster; or entertainer in general - you may enjoy the read as it has some good info in there concerning the equipment we use at GHR in-studio, as well as while touring. You can read the entire article HERE. Funny enough, we took the photos for the article well BEFORE the pandemic - so our entire set-up has gone through multiple upgrades over the course of the last year and change... so looking at the photos from in the studio, it looks incredibly different now!!! I love growth - I absolutely thrive on looking back at something that I've built and seeing how far it's come... there is nothing like that adrenaline rush! The feeling that who you are and what you do is making a difference - such an incredible thing. I'd urge everyone to find something that they're passionate about and do something with it! That being said... here are a few tips from the article that I can share here about podcasting that may help some aspiring podcasters out there seeking to find their voice!

What kind of advice / inspiration would you give to someone who wants to start a podcast?

"We believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard and podcasting is one of the best mediums to do this. It’s like your own personal soapbox! Prior to committing to developing a podcast, you should sit down and write out exactly what you are looking to get out of the show, whether it’s for business, pleasure, awareness or any other reason."
  • Carve out a specific time each day, week or month to give your creativity the time it needs and deserves. Stick to a consistent release schedule so your listeners always know when new content will be released. The equipment you use is also important—you get out the quality that you put in. Zoom makes it easy to obtain great sound quality, even on a budget.

  • At GHR we’ve always been very interactive with our audience, and they often ask for advice on starting their own podcast. Inspired by our fans’ enthusiasm, we’ve developed a lecture series called Podcast: 101, which we’ve taught at various libraries, schools, businesses and universities.

  • Ultimately, the goal of these courses is to teach the nuts and bolts of podcasting. Recently, we’ve opened our professional studios to other podcasts—aspiring and experienced alike—so they can grow and continuously improve their trade under our mentorship.

I hope that some of these tips help you on your journey! If you'd like to learn a little more... I'd suggest these BrimBLOG's that I've written linked below - If they help you; or you feel they could help someone else... please feel free to pass along and share the love! Wishing you success in everything you do!

- Brim

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