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Entertainers are Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Are there any entertainers out there who hustle to build their name, brand and value - only to be told by people to, 'get a real job'? What people don't seem to understand or just can't fully comprehend is that entertainment is a full time job. We're not just talking a 9 to 5 here... no, no, no... that would be WAY too easy! Entertainers are one hundred percent true entrepreneurs who are bending over backwards to build their business. Anyone who says otherwise... well, they are just plain ignorant! Now please understand, I'm definitely NOT saying that it isn't respectable working a nine to five for living - millions of people are perfectly content clocking in and clocking out when their day or shift is over; but for others - that's just not enough.

I've always been about going against the grain and building my own empire. Anyone who has followed me since my old music days, then into wrestling and beyond - will surely know - I am consistently building my brand and business in strategic increments. I'd worked regular jobs in the past; but it always felt defeating and frustrating to me as a forward thinker. More-so, I hated the fact that I was not only building someone else's dream; but they were making the lion's share of the money and receiving all the benefits. I did learn a lot while working for others; however the most valuable lesson I learned is that I don't ever want to work for anyone again! Once making this realization, it changed my life for the better. I'd prefer to walk the road less traveled, enjoy my successes and embrace my failures - it is about leaving a legacy that will be remembered.

Now, back to my point... when people complain about having to go to work - they've never worked for themselves. Meanwhile, these same people belittle those of us who are creative. Others would rather hate on people like us because they don't have the skill or cajones to do what we do; or accomplish the things we accomplish.

How many of you have encountered people who've said any of the following to you:

  • You work for yourself, you can do whatever you want!

Brim's Response: I DO work for myself, which means that although I am my own boss - I still need to keep to a strict schedule as nobody is standing over me to ensure that the work is done. If I don't work, I am not making money - therefore time is money and I'd prefer NOT to waste it.

  • You don't have a real job, I need you to do (fill useless request here) instead.

Brim's Response: My 'job' is very much 'real' - would YOU tell your boss that someone asked you to do (useless request here), so you can't come in to work and finish the report that was due today? Well, I have a full schedule of things that I need to accomplish today to succeed - me stopping them to do anything else is impeding on my success - again, as my OWN boss... I refuse to be lazy and take the day off.

  • You don't work, all you do is play.

Brim's Response: Just like it is in all of entertainment - all people tend to want to see is the end result (IE: Completed Album, Film, Television Show, Book, Project, etc) - they don't see the years of blood, sweat and tears that went into the creation thereof. Hell, the time that I personally invest in these blogs to help others navigate the industry - would spin people's heads! I'd love to see these people try to memorize twenty pages of lines overnight, while cooking dinner for their family and simultaneously taking business phone calls from product deals... whilst managing to post on social media! It is NOT easy... trust me.

  • You're not making enough money, you're wasting your time and energy.

Brim's Response: First and foremost, YOU do not live in my pockets... you don't know what I make. I can also say that you are NEVER wasting your time if you are building something you believe in! Think about your own home and all the luxuries you have in it, or the music you listen to, the movies or television shows you watch... the car you drive in - clothes you wear. ALL of these things came from people who spent their time and energy on building their dreams - matter of fact, YOU wouldn't have a job if someone didn't build theirs!

  • All you do is self-promote, you're egotistical (or) delusional!

Brim's Response: Umm... well, first of all - if I don't talk about myself and what I'm doing... how will anyone else know about it? If I don't believe in myself, why would anyone else believe in me? If egotistical means being proud of who I am and my accomplishments... well then egotistic I am! The only people who are delusional are the ones who can't wrap your success around their heads - they live in a world of self regret... I pity those people and you should too.

The list goes on and on, most of these people are soulless and have NO clue what it means to actually work for yourself! We can't fault them for this - we just need to educate them about what we as entertainers and entrepreneurs actually do for a living. If they still do not understand, that is their own shortcoming.

I raise a toast to all of us, as I know what you're all going through. I've been there before - I've gone hungry and I've been well fed. We bust our humps just to make ends meet at the beginning - sometimes the beginning is a lot longer than we'd like. Why? Because building a business is hard - especially in 2020 when everything is easily distributed, therefore over-saturated. It's a constant grind to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends. As I mentioned earlier in this article, people complain about their nine to five - try working a nonstop and never-ending schedule. I personally work a ridiculously sporadic schedule as it depends on whether I'm home, touring or filming. I deal with partners, clients, sponsors and others worldwide - therefore I receive calls, texts and emails at all times of the day and night... SEVEN days a week! Would you like to swap schedules?

Vacations? Nah, who has the availability to carve out and take a week or two to go away and not have a care in the world! I haven't taken a solid family vacation in years - we get to take working vacations where I need to dedicate time out of each day to conduct business; or stop moving in order to make promotional social media posts. Yeah, I get to do really, REALLY cool stuff; but always at a price... sometimes, I'd just rather not feel obligated to do something in return!

Here's the point of my rant - if you choose to work for anyone other than yourself... we respect that, we truly do! All we ask is that YOU please respect what WE do in return. Please don't judge unless you've walked a mile in our shoes and have something worthwhile to share that will help with the journey. For those who refuse to understand what I've said - I'll put it in a way that perhaps you'll get: Next time you want to tell someone who's an entertainer or entrepreneur to get a real job... think twice - you may have a job; but we have a career.

- Brim

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