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To many, Hell is a place of demons and fire. The place where all evil souls go to be tortured for the rest of eternity; and Heaven is the place where good people go to eat ice cream and float on clouds. Unfortunately, it's all a load of crap. Hell is just a place in another reality, like Long Island but not as annoying. Turns out that the horrible truth about post-prime existence is that the corporeal life we lead in this reality is a lie and just a “training seminar” for a career of servitude in whichever afterlife we end up in. In the high stakes, high profit and high risk enterprise of post-prime existence labor, whichever "afterlife" can procure the best and the brightest workforce is better positioned to gain power and influence over our corporeal world. The organizations that run those alternate universes (Hell, Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, Where the Sun Don't Shine, etc.) have spent eons cultivating the worlds of our reality, through religion and passive influence, into breeding grounds for future slave laborers in the competition to end all competitions. The best souls plucked from the "Nexus", an orchard (of sorts) of the consciousnesses of the recently deceased, are brought to their respective "afterlife" and put into the roles they were unknowingly bred for. So the business of keeping, retrieving and even stealing this precious commodity has become a very large and lucrative business and black market operation. Thus a cold war of sorts exists between all these rival existences in order to claim victory over one another. Whether through subversive means like sabotage and bribery to outright skirmishes of violence that have spilled over to our worlds, the unsteady truce that has existed is eroding and many members of these factions as well as privateers see opportunities to grab power.

Enter Brimstone.

Brimstone is a half human, half native son of that realm known to us as Hell, who works as a freelance employee of the Border Enforcement and Retrieval Department in a private squad of Borderhounds.

These independent contractors are hired by the Corporation to re-capture these souls who happen to escape their consigned fates either through assistance from rival corporations, their agents or any number of growing dissident movements. Joined by his team of human companions, the brothers Dawg and Luscious, Brimstone ekes out an existence retrieving escaped "Weepers" from the wastelands of "Hell" with the occasional trip back to our universe for imported beer or designer clothes for the wife. Brimstone's hybrid nature makes him unique as one of the only beings of "Hell" who can safely traverse (with whomever he takes with him) the continuum and exist corporeally in other universes. The only drawback is that once outside of his home, even though he still possesses Forza Infernis... Brimstone is vulnerable. This trait has made Brimstone a target for many who seek to control the balance of power between existences or end the stalemate once and for all. Constantly looked down upon and threatened for his genetic heritage and his chosen companions, humans as his team and a human wife and children, he has to fight every day for his right to exist in the only home he has ever known.

Brimstone and The Borderhounds | Issue 9 Cover
Brimstone | Comic Panel
Brimstone | Comic Panel
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