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Brimstone is the Original Food Hound... he's toured the world and offered a unique peek into some of the country's best known locations and hidden gems. Whether sharing tidbits at five-star restaurants; or Mom & Pop hot dog shops - Brim has proven one thing... he knows GOOD FOOD!!! Now, along with his son Dylan (and surprise celebrity guests), they'll be offering you a front row seat to THEIR OWN BACKYARD! Welcome to Food Hound: Home Edition where cooking with the Kaye's just got easier. Come hungry, leave inspired. This NEW streaming series produced by Tough Monkey Entertainment will be making its way to an UNANNOUNCED leading streaming service in the future. We apologize for the delay; however it is out of the control of Brimstone and the Hound Entertainment Group Brands.

Brimstone wholeheartedly endorses all of his sponsors... Please take the time to get to know each of them as well as the incredible food, products and services they provide!

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Tough Monkey Entertainment

Food Hound: Home Edition

Food Hound: Home Edition

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