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The Real Brimstone...

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Please explore the rest of my Official Site.

I NEVER write on any Blogs, Message Boards or other outlets other than my Official Social Media channels, the Official Website of The Grindhouse Radio; and here on my BrimBLOG. Please do not be fooled by impostors as there are many!

I had enjoyed spending time writing BrimBLOG's in the past which my audience typically enjoyed. I would highlight my outings, work and other fun stuff and things in order to try and keep my site fresh and appealing to return to often. Unfortunately, my webmaster switched up along the line and I lost access to be able to write new blogs, and when I did gain access - it was not the same as it once was. I learned that I was still able to engage with my audience via social media; however I still never lost the desire to blog! So now that I have finally moved my entire site into the present... I am happy to say that I am again able to rebuild the BrimBLOG; however moving forward - I would like to add a LOT more articles that include my knowledge that spans across entertainment, entrepreneurship, business and everything in between! I'd like to be able to give back to people who are trying to navigate the deadly waters and vast wastelands of entertainment, podcasting, entrepreneurship and anything else that comes to mind along the way. Of course, I'll continue to write about regular goings on including projects, news, articles and such as well. Hoping that you'll all enjoy the ride and perhaps learn a thing or two that will help with your own growth! Thanks again for visiting. - Brim

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