The Dirty Little Secrets Club: Do you have a dirty little secret? Welcome to the club. From Coast to Coast, the Beauty from the West and the Beast from the East are offering you a VIP ticket to the dirtiest little secrets this club has to offer. Dayna (That Trophy Wife Life Podcast) and Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio) let you take a peek into our own personal Pandora's Box of anonymous secrets submitted through our website. So what are you waiting for? Step on in, and let's get scandalous. Do YOU have a dirty little secret? Submit anonymously at the official website HERE and have it read on-air!


Truly Inconsequential: Truly Inconsequential... Not all characters are created equal! This is the show where GHR's Mr. Greer and Brimstone argue over the most ridiculous and nonsensical fictional cast members ever to grace pop culture. The dynamic duo debate over the most useless characters this side of Jar Jar Binks. This show thrives on it's LIVE audience - so make sure to tune in LIVE on Wednesday's 2pm EST via Facebook, Twitch or The Grindhouse Radio's official website to join in on the debate!!!


GHR: Live and Uncut: GHR is bare bones - Live and Uncut - Join the cast of, The Grindhouse Radio on a weekly whirlwind of epic proportions. Each week the cast shares exclusive content that opens up the world of GHR behind the scenes. Get to know the people behind the microphones by interacting, interjecting and enjoying this weekly mini-talk show that makes GHR fans the guests.