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Television, Film & Voiceover Representation:

Please forward all serious inquiries to Brimstone's Management Team: Roger Paul

Roger Paul Inc. |1650 Broadway Suite 304A, New York, NY 10019 | Phone 212-262-0008
E-mail: rogerpaul@rogerpaulinc.com

Event, Speaking Engagement & Appearance Booking:

Please forward all Pop Culture Convention, Business Convention, Virtual Appearances and other Speaking Engagement requests to Convention Agent below:

Elly Giudice
E-mail: Elly@therealbrimstone.com

Convention Appearance Booking:

Please forward Pop Culture Convention requests to Convention Agent below:

Saira Ramos
E-mail: Saira@tristarappearances.com

Event, Speaking Engagement & Appearance Booking:

Please forward all School, University and other Speaking Engagement requests

to Tour Coordinator below:

Mike Goncalves
E-mail: Mike_Goncalves@thegrindhouseradio.com

Commercial & Print Booking:

Please forward all serious inquiries to Brianna
E-mail: bookings@longislandmodels.com

Fan Mail (Snail Mail):

Brimstone - Fan Mail
P.O. 803, Levittown, New York 11756


Product Endorsement & Influencer Requests:

The Grindhouse Radio - Brimstone Product Reviews
P.O. Box 803, Levittown, New York 11756

E-mail: info@thegrindhouseradio.com

**Please be advised that forwarding materials does NOT guarantee that your product will be

discussed on The Grindhouse Radio, Within Brim's Skin, reviewed via this or other related websites

or any of Brimstone's Official Social Media.

Comic Book & Book Reviews:

To request digital copies of 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' or the 'Border-Pups' children's books

for professional review on your website, podcast or television show:

E-mail: pr@houndcomics.com


Interested in having Brim Guest on YOUR Web/Radio/Podcast/TV:

Please forward all requests with pertinent information concerning your platform to:
E-mail: info@thegrindhouseradio.com


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