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Follow everyone's favorite Borderhounds featured in their early years as they teach our children the importance of various life lessons including 'speaking kindly to one another' and 'self-esteem' to 'brushing your teeth' as well as tackling pressing and pertinent issues such as 'anti-bullying'. The Border-Pups series is simply good natured literature ranging from pre-school aged children through young readers.


Meet Lil' Brim, the loveable 9-year-old leader of the Border-Pups who lives in The Wasteland. Brim has a big heart, and an even bigger sense of adventure. Brim is great at looking out for his best friends Dawg & Lush, helping others, and always trying his hardest to set a good example for his younger brother Orgrathan-- which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.. Brim loves playing games, and learning new things in school. Even if he is not good at something, Brim always makes sure to give 110% to everything he tries. Brim is a great listener, and has an incredible imagination. When Brim gets together with his friends, they never know what kind of fun things will happen. When he grows up, he wants to be a superhero. 


Meet Lil' Lush. Lush is only 8, but because he is so much bigger than most of the other kids in school, Lush sometimes gets mistaken for being a older than he is-- but that doesn't bother him. Lush usually has a smile on his face, and loves making other people smile! Lush is always the first person his best friend Brim and his brother Dawg go to when they have any problems and is not afraid to stand up to anyone who is picking on his friends. Lush is brave, outgoing, and really fun to be around.. but most of all he LOVES to eat! Aside from having a great personality, Lush also has a great love for eating chicken, his favorite food. Lush has a pretty original sense of style and doesn't care what anyone thinks about how he dresses. The only thing he cares about is having a great time with his friends, and making sure everyone else around him is having a great time too!


Meet Lil' Dawg, a 7 (and a half!) year old Border-Pup who loves gadgets.  If it has gears, wheels, or runs on batteries, Dawg knows how take it apart and put it right back together!  There isn't a thing Dawg can't fix.. and if he can't, he will always keep trying.  Dawg loves playing Crashbat, reading books about anything mechanical, and hanging out with his brother Luscious, and his best friend Brimstone.  Dawg is always up for an afternoon of running around The Wasteland looking for parts to build some sort of new invention he is cooking up.  Dawg is super smart, super fun to be around..and sometimes he can be super stubborn.  It is a good thing that Dawg is great at fixing things, because he comes up with some pretty wacky (and pretty awesome) solutions to the gangs problems! 

The Border-Pups CrashBat Cover
Border-Pups Super Space Sheriffs Cover
Original Drawing of the Border-Pups
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