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Let's be honest here... Brimstone and his crew travel a lot! So much in fact, that he seemed to always continually come across some of the most amazing and peculiar locations while on the road. A majority of the time these places happen to involve food. Eating. Oh, and a LOT of it! Brim decided that it should become his sworn duty to present his friends, fans and followers with knowledge of some of the most kick-ass places around the globe! And trust us, he knows good food (and not just because a Food Network pays him to say it's delicious). To make a long story even longer, Brim welcomes you to join the Food Hounds on their escapades and perhaps learn a thing or two about a cool spot that you never know existed!

Brimstone | Food Hound: Tidbits
Brimstone at Ben's Kosher Deli | Food Hound: Tidbits
Brimstone | Food Hound: Tidbits
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