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Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) is a privately owned publishing and multi-media company encompassing all aspects of the entertainment industry.  Hound is dedicated to providing top-notch entertainment including projects ranging from comic books to film and many things in between.  The flagship brand, “Brimstone and The Borderhounds” has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2005 to its eventual launch on October 31st, 2010 in Borders Book stores across the United States.


Re-launched on January 11, 2011 in limited Barnes & Noble retail locations, Hound Comics made history as the only independently owned and operated comic book company to be distributed in a big box retailer alongside other iconic companies such as Marvel and DC. Over time, Brimstone and The Borderhounds quickly garnered popularity and was cherry-picked by Barnes & Noble to be sold and distributed in more than over 700 of their nationwide retail locations; as well as in their affiliate retail outlets network of B. Dalton.

Over the course of 2011, Hound has expanded its brand by launching several new divisions aimed at specific markets. The Hound Kids division, launched on October 31st, 2011, features not only the children’s book series the Border-Pups (a version of the popular Borderhounds characters aimed at children ages 5 - 10) but also books by the legendary Wookiee, Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Mayhew (Star Wars) that features the artwork of veteran 17 year Disney artist, Terry Naughton (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Lion King). Also included in the initial launch was the inaugural children’s series, “Turbie the Turtle Duck” by Emmy and Peabody award winning writer, producer, and director Rich Arons (He-Man, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons). In 2013, Hound Entertainment came to an agreement with Alec Urbach, the teenage creator of Worldwise Comics, who produces global educational comic books for elementary school children which tackle pressing social issues. A portion of proceeds from the Worldwise collection goes to fund underserved elementary schools in the US, Africa, and South America, and have been translated into four languages other than English. The Hound Kids division continues to produce top of the line fun and educational products that will see considerable growth in 2015 with Hound's school and library initiative in accordance with the legendary, Stan Lee's - The Stan Lee Foundation, which promotes literacy in children.


Hound Publishing premiered with its first release, “In Jamie’s Words”, a book aimed at countering the growing nationwide epidemic of bullying, written by teen activist, Jamie Isaacs. Ms. Isaacs is the youngest person in history to have ever helped to propose, write, and eventually pass a bill in New York State. Partial proceeds from the book are donated to the Jamie Isaacs Foundation for Anti-Bullying. As of 2015, the Hound Publishing Division published over a dozen novels from non-fiction to fiction including our extremely popular Webcomic series' including “On The Grind”, “Wages of Sin”, and “Peanizels.”


The popular e-series, Food Hound: Tidbits, has become a favorite among fans and has essentially become a mainstay division in the Hound Entertainment Group. The Food Hounds have enjoyed three seasons of foodie bliss while touring around the United States and are currently in talks about bringing the series to network television.

The mainstream media has been extremely accepting of Hound and specifically its flagship brand, Brimstone and The Borderhounds. The brand has also been praised by kings of the industry including Jim Lee (DC), Bob Sabouni (Marvel) and even the Legendary Stan Lee.  Stan Lee spotlighted Hound on his official website with a title that read, “Hound Comics: Embodying the True Meaning Behind ‘Excelsior’ – Rising Up in a Rough Industry.” Hound’s collections of sauces, seasoning, and salsa have received countless awards from all America's saucy cities since their inception including notable 1st Place wins at the Chili Pepper Awards. In 2014, Hound Entertainment Group proved that they are making moves by taking home an award via the Rulebreaker Awards held in New York City.

Hound Entertainment supports its products by touring across the country with stops at just about every major pop culture and comic book convention from Wizard World to New York Comic Con.  Hound prides itself on their one-on-one relationship with fans while on the road; meeting with old fans while continuing to gain new. Hound’s internal celebrities, celebrity clients and world-renowned artists travel thousands of miles daily to meet and greet with the fans.  Other events include private appearances, public speaking events at schools, colleges, libraries, philanthropic ventures and festivals.


Hound Comics is owned and operated by what is known as the "Borderhounds Creative Team," the company has spent years of hard work and determination in order to create an innovative and unique universe for readers and viewers to enjoy. Our goal is to keep the ownership of creators' brands Independent while continuing to produce a quality product that can compete with the leaders in the comic book industry. That being said; we here at Hound Comics stand behind our titles 100% and look forward to creating a product that you can not only enjoy, but can also be passed down for generations.


Thanks for your support.

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