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Why Schedule Brimstone?


Why Schedule Brim? Don't take his word for it... below are a compilation of formally written reviews from Podcasters, Radio Personalities, etc. who have had Brimstone on their platforms as a guest and were pleased with their results. We encourage you to take a peek and see for yourself what people are saying about working with him...

Find out why he'd be a perfect guest to work with YOU!

Revelations - 8/3/22

Great guest with a winning personality.  I was blessed to have him on the platform!

Chicken Talk Radio - 5/9/22

Excellent guest! Great and entertaining show.



The KAJ Masterclass LIVE - 4/5/22

Brimstone is Brimstone. Great interview, great learnings.

The Vibes Broadcast Network - 3/10/22

Brimstone is a big man with a big heart. He has lots of great stories to tell, and someone I'd definitely have back on.

Take Back Time: Time Management | Stress Management - 9/30/21

Easy to talk with, good energy, shared valuable experience.

The Gamer Parent's Strategy Guide - 9/29/21

A must-have guest! Super charming, full of energy that comes through in his voice, and really goes in depth in his answers. Would totally have him on again.

Let’s Have This Conversation - 7/22/21

Brimstone brought his high energy and passion for life to our discussion. His knowledge of the entertainment industry is superior if you’re looking to have a dynamic guest on your show look no further than Brimstone.

BizQuik -7/17/21

Brimstone is GREAT! Had an awesome time on the podcast.  Everything from the conversation to him jumping on board with whatever we came up with was great.  Looking forward to having him on again

Speak With Power - 7/07/21

I enjoyed our conversation and Brim as a personality!! So much value and so much joy!

Comic Crusaders Podcast - 7/06/21

Great guest, defo an amazing add to any show!

Art of Attraction with Dominey Drew - 6/30/21

Fantastic guest - versatile, well-spoken, and thoughtful. Brim was able to relate great stories and lessons he's learned from experience, not only authentically but with humor and ease. High in entertainment value without sacrificing quality. I will definitely have him on again if he has time!

The Shit Show of My Twenties - 6/11/21

I loved interviewing Brimstone! He is a great storyteller and has so much wisdom to pass to listeners

Bowties and Business Podcast - 6/10/21

Beyond the brand and the persona of "Brimstone" is a brilliant and diverse business mind. "Brim" brings together his experience of treating entertainment as a business to building unique brands that are all interconnected. He is open, genuine and transparent in how his journey as an entrepreneur has evolved. Good and bad. His bio says it all; but there is a lot beneath the surface and an engaging guest who is willing to share freely if you ask.

Beautiful Bastards Podcast - 6/08/21

Brimstone is a great guest, very professional and full of stories.

Sustaining Creativity Podcast - 6/08/21

Great conversation about creativity! Thank you for sharing your creativity experience with my audience.

Stuck in My Mind - 5/19/21

Fun and entertaining to talk to. Great energy and looking forward to having him on again.

Trail Angels powered by Cairn the Load - 5/14/21

We enjoyed having Brim as a guest on our show.  He has an incredible story and a huge heart.  Your guests will enjoy Brim.

Management Blueprint - 4/27/21

Highly entertaining guest with a great story.

Million Dollar Passion - 4/22/21

Knowledgeable, funny, and polite. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a super smart guest on their podcast.

Your Career Cure - 4/19/21

Brimstone is articulate, down to earth and an interesting guest.  I could have spoken to him for another hour. His background is interesting and can bring value to your audience in various ways. 

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