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5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Successful Podcast

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Earlier this year - I did an extensive interview with Tracy Hazzard for Medium about "How to Become the Center of Influence Through Fun and Authentic Podcasting” - for the full interview, please click HERE. Now some people may question my knowledge on podcasting or actual experience as an industry expert on the subject matter. Just to offer a little information - I have been in the entertainment industry in front of the camera for forty years at this point. I've been interviewed via every form of media possible in the hot seat including podcasting since shortly after its inception in 2004. As a guest I have done hundreds of appearances on countless podcasts all around the world. My partners and I started The Grindhouse Radio in 2015 to which we've achieved an array of different awards, ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes, built a sustainable business and a loyal listenership worldwide. I developed my companion series Within Brim's Skin a couple of years ago as well which has also ranked on iTunes on multiple occasions. Furthermore, GHR conducts Podcast 101 lectures (pre-COVID of course) regularly in order to guide hopefuls in getting started. If that isn't enough... you can also read the article written on myself and The Grindhouse Radio by Newsday HERE - offering a good overview of what we do.

That being said - below are '5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Successful Podcast'. I hope that these tips offer some knowledge to those of you looking to pursue podcasting.

Podcaster Influencer, Brimstone of The Grindhouse Radio shares the best ways to:

1 ) Book Great Guests. Your guest booking depends on what kind of a show you are putting out into the ether. As we are predominantly a pop culture-based show, any public figure from any spectrum of entertainment is a potential candidate. Now, since I have been in the industry for about forty years — I have a wide range of well known and reputable friends that I can reach out to and secure for the guest segment. When I told friends about the show, everyone offered to do the guest thing when we were ready and every one of them did a drop (also known as a Station ID) for us… this included my friend, the late, great Stan Lee. It was an honor and a privilege for these people to attach their name to GHR on my word — very humbling.

My suggestion is that when seeking out guests for your show, whatever type of content that you are putting out there — find people who inspire you… that’s what creates the most intriguing and engaging conversations for your guest, yourself and the listeners.

2) Increase Listeners. Designate a specific day and time each week/month that listeners and/or viewers will always know when your new content will be released. Keep your long term listeners engaged with the fresh content. Shows that are erratic in scheduling normally don’t pick up much traction, nor do they exist too long as most creators get frustrated with the lack of response or growth (of course, there are exceptions to the rule). Strategically pick when, where and how your content is released depending on the type of show you are putting out into the ether. You also want to be active in the community that you are broadcasting about, utilize social media to the fullest extent and most of all — be yourself! Authenticity sells.

3) Produce In A Professional Way. The thing here is — production is in the eye of the beholder and what they are looking to get out of it in terms of end goal. There are many different levels of podcasting — GHR is extreme in the fact that we have a polished and fully produced show with state of the art equipment and in-house engineers. I’ve heard shows that are produced on Anchor using two cell phones that sound fantastic — so it really comes down to personal preference. Some people have basic set-ups in their home or office and put out their episodes ‘as is’ where others know a few tricks to clip in their intro and outro to clean it up a bit. So again, there are many different ways to skin a cat and it comes down to how that specific creator wants to be perceived.

4) Encourage Engagement. All you can really do is put your heart and soul into creating something, put it out into the world and hope that it attracts other people with the same mindset, goals, ambitions or interests. If you go into this or any other industry as a means to get rich, famous or trying to appease people in order to get followers — you’ve already lost. So many creators do this and focus on what they ‘think’ people want to hear, rather than being themselves — losing their authenticity. Be consistent and sincere with your social media outreach and responses. If you stay consistent, authentic and positive — people will eventually catch on and respond. Remember that, “A watched pot never boils”, “If you build it they will come,” and most importantly, it’s not a race — it’s a marathon. Think of the long game and play it accordingly.

5) Best Way to Monetize. Monetizing boils down to the age-old question — How much ‘content time’ am I willing to give up for advertisers and sponsors? I am not a fan of the CPM’s (cost per thousand) and affiliate style of marketing and advertising — in my opinion, it is giving away free advertising and promotion for little or nothing in return. My listeners aren’t stupid and I absolutely refuse to treat them that way!

At, The Grindhouse Radio — we deal business to business or through agencies and work with the companies that we can personally get behind. Our clients know that we will go above and beyond for the brand itself, support not only on-air; but via social media and while touring and signing at events. I’ve become synonymous with the brands that I work with including Kikkoman, Mane ‘N Tail, and Boss Hoss Cycles to name a few. Seek out businesses that you can feel good attaching your name to — aim to your specific demographic and approach accordingly. Do some research and invest time into creating a professional media kit — you will only be taken as seriously as you put yourself out. If you’re artistically challenged or don’t have a friend who can help you with design — visit and you can hire a graphic designer for a minimal cost to help create your logo, cover art, promotional art, and media kit. Also very important, have thick skin — you’ll get no’s, but eventually you’ll get a yes.

** If you are just getting started in Podcasting - Please feel free to read my article Podcast 101: A Beginner's Guide To Get You Started here on the BrimBLOG. Also, make sure to take care of yourself when running a business or as an entertainer... check out my article Self-Care Tips and Advice for Entertainers and Entrepreneurs. - Brim

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