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For the pure sake of TIME... We'll be posting as many links from past interviews, articles, podcast appearances, reviews, etc. - however NOT checking to make sure they are all still currently live. This is also not EVERYTHING that has been publicized out in the ether; however it is extremely difficult to keep up with what pops up, where - and when they disappear. Consider this an archive - the Boneyard of Brimstone past; however keep checking in here in case you miss anything. Also, more recent stuff and things will eventually all be found either in the BrimBLOG or in the NEWS Sections of the Official Website.

Ep 359 The real BRIMSTONE from Grindhouse Radio

June 3/2022

"Tonight we go deep with a legend of a human being Brimstone, Brim hosts the insanely popular Grindhouse Radio on pretty much all formats and could be the first human to dip his toes into more things than Chef Plum."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Chef Plum; Plum Love Foods; National

Wing fans flock to Oceanside for NY Best Wings Fest

May 26/2022

"Brimstone added, “I’ve done a tremendous amount of these events where I’ve judged and hosted here on Long Island and it is always a wonder how many incredible wing people there are. They do such incredible work on these wings and you think everything’s going to taste the same, but it’s always different, every single one, like a fingerprint."  [READ HERE]

 - Kepherd Daniel; LI Herald; Long Island, New York

Chattin' Breeze with Brimstone

May 25/2022

"Join us as we hear from the living legend that is Brimstone. Pro wrestler, philanthropists, comic character, cartoon character."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Don and Helen; The Chattin' Breeze Podcast; National

How Pro Wrestler Brimstone Built a Brand That Reaches Millions of Listeners Every Week

May 24/2022

"Actor, wrestler and entrepreneur Brimstone breaks down the creation of Grindhouse Radio. For every entertainer who’s become a business success, there are legions of others whose ideas have never left the gate or gone bust.  This is the phenomenon I discussed with professional wrestler, actor, professional podcaster, author, musician and video game protagonist, “Brimstone”, (aka "William Kucmierowski" or "Will Kaye".) At 47 years of age, “Brim” excelled in the business of converting audiences into revenue for four decades before launching a venture, in 2015, that is now the award-winning Grindhouse Radio. Through branding, listener engagement and a strategy to capture the world’s appetite for pop culture, the globally syndicated program reaches 3.5 to 4 million listeners per week.."  [READ HERE]

 - Cheryl Snapp Conner;; National

Special Guest The Real Brimstone

May 13/2022

"In today’s episode, we hang with the one and only Brimstone to discuss his life, career and legacy within entertainment."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Jonathan 'True Knowlege' Darby; Chicken Talk Radio LIVE; National

How to Build a Personal Brand That Translates to Complementary Income Streams with Brimstone

April 27/2022

"In this episode, Ted interviews - Brimstone. Besides being a professional wrestler, Brimstone also holds many titles such as author, podcaster, musician, children’s book hero, philanthropist, and many more! What’s remarkable is that all of these, although sitting on the opposite side of the spectrum, perfectly complement each other. How does he do that? To build multiple income streams in different industries is achievable, but to have them relating back to each other and boosting each other’s potential — is that even possible? This episode will reveal the secrets you want to know about creating a personal brand that translates to multiple complementary revenue streams. Let’s dive in!"  [READ HERE]

 - Phaeton4Kast; National

The Entertainer's Network: Interview Series - Brimstone

March 18/2022

"To be honest, I truly have no fear of failure – I actually embrace it! For anyone in the industry; or seeking to get into the industry… you’ll need to understand that failing is simply part of life. You learn from it. Every time I’ve had a setback, I stop – take a couple of steps back, analyze what went wrong… then adjust and move forward twice as far! In terms of living out my wildest dreams though, I would love to be doing more of everything. I want to leave behind a legacy that will be remembered for years after I’m gone."  [READ HERE]

 - The Entertainer's Network; National

Brimstone: They Told Me It Was Impossible And I Did It Anyway

January 10/2022

"Make sure you are putting in the effort! Work ethic is a tremendous part of building a brand, career, business and overall DREAM! Think of it this way, you can plant a flower; but if you don’t water it… it won’t grow right? It can still die even if you’re taking care of it; but you can always nurse it back to health if it’s withering — as long as you are on top of it! Once the flower grows, it still needs tending and eventually dies; however if you continue giving it the attention and love it deserves — it’ll keep blooming for years to come! Think of your dreams the same way. Regardless of what anyone says, if you harvest your dreams… they will blossom for everyone to see. Especially the naysayers."  [READ HERE]

 - Candice Georgiadis; Medium; National

Brimstone On The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Entertainment Industry

December 28/2021

"Entertainment isn’t as glamorous as everyone seems to think. No — that person you watch weekly on television isn’t necessarily living the luxury life… in fact, some could very well be on food stamps. Everyone seems to think that being a public figure is all big fun; but they only see the end results of a ridiculous amount of work! Most people see someone with a breakout role or hit single as an overnight success; but they never saw the ten years of blood, sweat and tears it took to get there. This would have been a fantastic thing to know ahead of time!"  [READ HERE]

 - Edward Sylvan; Authority Magazine; National

Brimstone: 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Very Successful Podcast

December 27/2021

"Encourage engagement; All you can really do is put your heart and soul into creating something, putting it out into the world and hope that it attracts other people with the same mindset, goals, ambitions or interests. If you go into this or any other industry as a means to get rich, famous or trying to appease people in order to get followers — you’ve already lost."  [READ HERE]

 - Jason Hartman; Authority Magazine; National

Influencer Brimstone Shares His Top Selfcare, Wellness, and Beauty Tips

December 26/2021

"At times it feels like wellness or elevating one’s well-being, is diametrically opposed to high achievement and high performance in one’s career. The stress, mental energy, long hours, lack of restful sleep and preoccupation that result from a high-achievement life seem to directly inhibit wellness. And yet, in order to sustain the creativity, flexibility, mental acuity and resilience that are necessary for high performance, wellness and wellbeing of the mind, body and soul are also mandatory. So how do we achieve both?"  [READ HERE]

 - Ming Zhao; Authority Magazine; National

Surprising Ways to get Attention by Using your Voice to Maximum Effect. With Brimstone

December 14/2021

"How do you get someone's attention online? Seasoned voice actor, podcaster and professional wrestler, Brimstone, draws on his experience in entertainment to explain how we can improve our content as podcasters and YouTubers using our voices. This is equally applicable to business owners who have to put themselves out there through social media marketing. Our interview will also give you insight into voice acting as a career, especially in booming creative industries like video games."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Catharina Joubert; Creators Abroad; National

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance The Simple Way with Brimstone

October 29/2021

"How can you achieve a work-life balance? By following a strict schedule. Penny Zenker’s guest in this episode is Brimstone, a professional wrestler and radio host. Brimstone’s life as an entertainer makes it especially difficult to have a work-life balance. But by spending quality time with his family and learning how to say no, he’s nailing time management. Join in the conversation and learn valuable tips on how you, too, can achieve work-life balance."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Penny Zenker; Take Back Time; National

The Dirty Little Secrets Club Review

October 28/2021

"I am sharing my review on a podcast that someone on Twitter shared with me over the summer. It is entitled, “The Dirty Little Secrets Club” and is hosted by Dayna (That Trophy Wife Life Podcast) and Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio). I found this unique duet on YouTube. I am going to review their interactions and dirty secrets. I will then ask them some questions, reaching out via Twitter, for them to respond at their earliest convenience. I am looking forward to listening to their content and writing out my thoughts. I will have to get from them the links to their other podcast platforms as well."  [READ HERE]

 - Leslie M. Jasper; Construction Tales; National

Brimstone - Living Legend

October 24/2021

"In today’s episode, our guest is Brimstone. This podcast he’s part of has three or four million downloads per week; he’s a former pro wrestler and an entertainment serial entrepreneur. There’s a lot that we’re going to unpack, so tune in!"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Anthony Trucks; Aww Shift; National

Episode 18 - Being a video game voice actor w/Brimstone

September 30/2021

"What is it like to be a voice actor for video games? How do you get into the business? What should kids know about pursuing a career in voice work, and what should parents do to help them? I spoke with Brimstone, voice artist in Viking Vengeance..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Jed Shaffer; The Gamer Parent's Strategy Guide; National

How to Turn Your Passion into Business with Brimstone

September 11/2021

"Energy breeds energy, said Brim and it became one of my favorite phrases. Brimstone is such a fascinating and multi-passionate personality that it's hard to describe him in just a few sentences."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Natasha Bazilevych; Speak with Power Podcast; National

The Future of Entertainment

September 7/2021

"In this conversation, we talk about what the next decade looks like in Brimstone's sphere of entertainment, comics, and wrestling. Entertainment has been here since the beginning of time, from storytelling around the bonfire, to hunting, to Greek theater to gladiators. Everywhere we go, it is about entrancing an audience and standing out from the competition by being unique. What does the future hold? What can all of us learn from a master entertainer? It is encouraging to learn that entertaining can be rehearsed by anybody, regardless of personality. But rest assured, there is only one Brimstone, this larger than life character, and only one show like Futurized."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Trond Arne Undheim; Futurized Podcast; National

Offering Multi Faceted Radio For All Walks Of Life


"Radio has been suffering for some time now and is dying a slow death due to what the internet has been offering. Yet there are so many podcasts and channels to go to it is hard to navigate. There is one show that has stood out from the rest as a unique and eclectic choice for those hungry for something different. Grindhouse Radio has stood strong for the past six years."  [READ HERE]

 - Nick Christophers; Full Access NYC - WANDERLUST IN THE 5 BOROUGHS

Business and Philanthropy w/ Brimstone – TT 149

AUGUST 23/2021

"My guest this week on Trina Talk is Brimstone! Brim is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group). He has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over four decades; titles including a pro wrestler, radio host/pro podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, and comic book/animated/children’s book/video game hero."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Trina Martin; Trina Talk Podcast; National

Brimstone, Master Entertainer

AUGUST 21/2021

"Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Jodi Weitz; Your Spectacular Life; National

Episode 151: Being Your Own Boss feat. Brimstone

AUGUST 19/2021

"Celebrity guest, Brimstone, is no stranger to kicking ass and taking names -- in and out of the ring! He was a pro-wrestler for many years because he decided to take a chance and follow through. Wrestling ended up being a launching pad into podcasting, acting, music, video games, comic books and even hot sauces. He's used his persona, passion, and dedication to build an entertainment empire."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - The Homance Chronicles; National

EP 56: Dealing with Judgement & Lessons of Being In Entertainment w/ Brimstone

AUGUST 11/2021

"Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Josh Dillingham; Playing Injured; National

Eternal Con – Long Island's Comic Con – kicks off at Hofstra University

AUGUST 7/2021

"Long Island's version of Comic Con, featuring artists, comic books, celebrities, gaming and more, started Saturday at Hofstra University..."  [WATCH & READ HERE]

 - Antoinette Biordi; News 12 Long Island; Local

Don't Judge A Book By It's Colors / Beyond Stereotypes

JULY 19/2021

"American professional wrestler, better known by his shortened name Will Kaye or his ring name, Brimstone is the guest of this episode of Trail Angels, powered by Cairn the Load.  Instead of spending time in the ring Brim can be found in schools speaking to the students as an anti-bullying advocate. Our guest, Brim, shares his compelling story of how he was an outsider. The only white Jewish kid in the neighborhood.  At first glance, Brim's looks might scare you, but if you get to know him, you will see that he has much wisdom to offer. This is a classic example of not judging a book by its cover. Brimstone is a renowned speaker against bullying and suicide."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Mark & Annette; Trail Angels powered by Cairn the Load; National

How To Think Like A Entertainer With Brimstone

JULY 19/2021

"Today I am joined by Brimstone. Brimstone has had a successful career spanning well over four decades. We talk about how he got into the entertainment industry, the mindset needed to be a entertainer, how Grindhouse Radio was created, and how he met his wife.."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Sophia Lorena; The Shit Show Of My Twenties; National

Brimstone - How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry

JULY 12/2021

"What does it take to succeed in the entertainment business? There is so much competition, and making a name for yourself is very hard work. Today’s guest was able to accomplish that with an interesting path to entertainment success..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Conrad Weaver; My Story Podcast; National

How to Approach ANYone with Guest: BRIMSTONE!

JULY 8/2021

"Join me and my killer guest today – the real Brimstone! Brimstone shares hilarious stories and lessons learned from his amazing career (s): professional wrestling, many years in the music and entertainment industry, and his journey becoming a successful entrepreneur. Among many other topics, we chat about social media and how we portray ourselves online, how to communicate your kinks to your partner, how to (and how NOT to) approach someone with celebrity status or who is in high demand, and how to approach and make contact in a non-threatening way. Yes that’s right – you’re gonna learn how to approach a women gently from a guy who makes his living beating the crap out of people. This is an episode not to miss"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Dominey Drew; Art of Attraction with Dominey Drew; National

Beautiful Bastards Podcast: Ep #35 Brimstone

JULY 5/2021

"Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children's book/video game hero."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - The Beautiful Bastards Podcast; National

How to Turn Your Passion Into A Business w/ Brimstone Eps. 90

JUNE 11/2021

"Brimstone joins us this week to chat about his entrepreneurship journey! From pro-wrestler to full time entertainment entrepreneur Brim has found a way to create a brand, quality products that solve problems, and reach the masses. You don't want to miss this episode."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Nickolas Natali; The Nickolas Natali Show; National

The Grindhouse Radio - Making Some Serious Waves

JUNE 11/2021

"The Grindhouse Radio is your next favorite podcast, you just don’t know it yet. As someone who recently started their own podcast, it’s tough. You want to remain consistently engaging and have this feeling of forwarding momentum. It’s a conversation we’re invited into, and as we all know, some conversations are better left unheard for a variety of reasons. Since 2015, Brimstone, Kim Adragna, and Tom Greer have boiled this showdown to a science. In a tight two hours that just fly by (for better or worse), you’re thrown into the perfect pop culture cocktail stream of thoughts.."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Troy Johnstone; Official Fame Magazine; National

The Grindhouse Radio - On The Move

JUNE 5/2021

"GHR has been cranking out countless episodes since 2015 and bulldozing awards ceremonies left and right. It’s a pop culture podcast that covers a variety of current events, politics, video games, movies, and more. Each episode dedicates a certain amount of time to each subject, but the way the group weaves in and out of topics is exciting and at the very least, never boring."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Jodi Marxbury; Daily Pop News; National

The Grindhouse Radio - A Formula For Success

JUNE 4/2021

"With the soaring popularity of podcasts and the fact that we’ve all been trapped indoors for the past year and craving human sounds and interaction, there’s no better feeling than a level of closeness in finding the right sound. From New York, NY The Grindhouse Radio (GHR for short), this fantastic group consisting of *deep breath* Pro Wrestler, Musician, Author, Food Critic and MORE, Brimstone, Actress model, writer and voice-over artist Kim Adragna, and Producer, talent and editor Tom Greer."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Nicole Killian; Mob York City; National

The Grindhouse Radio Continues To Surge

JUNE 4/2021

"Who among us hasn’t listened to something with an unforeseen moment of spontaneous comedy and had to contain ourselves from laughing like a crazy person less a stranger gives us funny looks. The Grindhouse Radio epitomizes the feeling of catching up and laughing with friends to an almost scary degree."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Garth Thomas; The Hollywood Digest; National

That Wrestler Brimstone

MAY 28/2021

"In this episode of RSPC, Ryan talks to professional wrestler Brimstone. As usual the callers try to smash him with metaphorical chairs. But Brim roles with the punches like a true professional."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Ryan Token; RSPC Comedy Podcast

Brimstone-Former Pro Wrestler/Host Grindhouse Radio/Entrepreneur

MAY 27/2021

"What does Brimstone think of when he hears the words - Long Island, NY? How he got into childhood acting and appeared on Sesame Street and Romper Room. Hear how his first influence was music and who he’d gone to school with that ended up becoming big name rappers. Did his job at Newsday in 1997 carry anything that he can use today in all his endeavors? How did he get the name - BRIMSTONE?"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Tommy Canale; Before the Lights Podcast; National

How to Monetize Multiple Passions and Make Millions with Brimstone

MAY 26/2021

"There are many who have achieved remarkable success as a celebrity, but few who have that inner purpose and drive to make a difference in other people's lives. But we have Brimstone, a well-know celebrity who is probably not as well known for his kindness and desire to lift the lives of others. Please join us for an insightful and inspiring show."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Victoria Wieck; Million Dollar Hobbie$ Podcast; National

Sleeping with Ben - Episode 14: Interview with Brimstone 

MAY 26/2021

"Ben Wolff discusses the importance of asking with celebrity entertainer and serial entrepreneur, Brimstone."  [WATCH HERE]

 - Ben Wolff; Sleeping with Ben Podcast

Brimstone: The Renaissance Man

APRIL 20/2021

"There are many who have achieved remarkable success as a celebrity, but few who have that inner purpose and drive to make a difference in other people's lives. But we have Brimstone, a well-know celebrity who is probably not as well known for his kindness and desire to lift the lives of others. Please join us for an insightful and inspiring show."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Dr Doug; Dr Doug & Friends Radio; National

RBI Baseball 21, Gensou Skydrift, Satisfactory, and Interview with Brimstone

APRIL 7/2021

"48:48 - Interview with Brimstone: Then in the second half of the show, Roger sits down with Brimstone to talk about voice acting and his upcoming role in the game Viking Vengeance.  This is one interview you won't want to miss!"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Roger Reichardt; Gamerheads Podcast; National

From Pro Wrestler to Podcaster | Brimstone

APRIL 1/2021

"We’re really proud of the tremendous following we’ve built over the years. Our audience has helped us achieve the overall #15 spot on the iTunes charts, as well as consistently charting in the Top 20 Best Comedic Podcasts—even reaching the #6 spot! In 2018, we were awarded the SCORE American Small Business Championship which earned us additional funding to invest into the show."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - ZOOM North America; National

Jayce and Brimstone

MARCH 30/2021

"Today I talk to my buddy Brimstone. There is so much to cover and not enough time!"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Jayce the Producer; National

Artist's Voice: Brimstone

MARCH 5/2021

"I enjoy being able to do my own thing and be appreciated for it. Albeit Within Brim's Skin is a lot of fun - my true love is The Grindhouse Radio. To see where my partners and I have taken GHR in the past six years is undeniably impressive and I am blessed to have developed such a lasting and memorable series with my incredible co-hosts. Our goal is to have our audience feel as though they are sitting in the room with us enjoying their time listening as if they were at the table themselves!"  [READ HERE]

 - Artist's Voice; National

Despite shutdowns, artists are still creating

FEBRUARY 26/2021

"The 24-year old is a survivor of childhood abuse, faced homelessness, lost her mother in June 2018 and, shortly afterward, was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Nevertheless, in May 2019, she won the Gold Coast Arts Center’s Your Big Break Competition, and attracted the attention of one of the contest’s judges, the entertainment entrepreneur William Kucmierowski, of Levittown, who goes by the moniker Brimstone."  [READ HERE]

 - Kate Nalepinski and Brian Stieglitz; LI Herald


Java with Josh – Episode 18 : Brimstone

DECEMBER 31/2020

"Brimstone is a pro-wrestler, actor, comic hero, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and musician. Brimstone is the host of iHeartRadio’s The Grindhouse Radio, and has led a successful career in the entertainment industry for over three decades, including appearances as a child actor on Sesame Street and Romper Room. Brimstone speaks about his career in entertainment, his new book..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Legislator Josh Lafazan; Java with Josh

Cutting Room Floor – Brimstone Returns


"Brimstone; Mark C. Frankel & Alexander Sapountzis."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Casey Ryan; Cutting Room Floor


Spice it up – Brimstone


"Our next trip around the chilihead community takes us to Long Island, NY!  Here you will find the one and only Brimstone!  To say Brimstone is a busy man is an underrated statement!  He is the host of the pop culture radio talk show Grindhouse Radio to go along with his other shows Within Brim's Skin and..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - JC Spice; DC to Boston


Rockstar Dad Show – Brimstone


"It’s time for another episode of The Rockstar Dad Show, so turn up the speakers and dive into conversation with Jaret and Gary. Later, they welcome wrestler Brimstone to the air. Listen in as he introduces us to his family and talks about coping through coronavirus, mental health, and Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Jaret Reddick & Gary Wiseman (Bowling for Soup); The Rockstar Dad Show


Brimstone: 5 Things You Need To Create a Successful Food Line or Specialty Food

OCTOBER 29/2020

"As a part of our series called “5 Things You Need To Create a Successful Food Line or Specialty Food”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brimstone."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]  [OR HERE]

 - Chef Vicky Colas; Thrive Colas | Medium



Interview with Author – Brimstone

OCTOBER 9/2020

"I've always enjoyed performing for others in all forms of entertainment; however writing is something that I can actually enjoy personally as well! I'm a creative person – and when I don't have an outlet to direct that creativity… I get antsy.."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Interviews with Writers; National


Catching Up with Brimstone: CEO & President of Grindhouse Radio


"Professional wrestler, actor, and radio host Brimstone is the president, CEO, and an on-air talent on Grindhouse Radio. He chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Markos Papadatos; Digital Journal

60 Seconds With… Brimstone Earplug Podcast Network

JULY 29/2020

"Join DW each week as he hits the streets to hit the hard hitting questions that others are afraid to ask. On this episode DW meets up with Grindhouse Radio Co-Host and Earplug Podcast family member, Brimstone." [LISTEN HERE]

 - DW; Earplug Podcast Network, National

Who Are The Best Entertainers on Long Island?

JULY 1/2020

"For all things pop culture, tune into The Grindhouse Radio. The award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show is featured on iHeartRadio and boasts 3.5-4 million listeners weekly worldwide—with 620,000 on Long Island alone."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Long Island Press; Long Island, NY

Your 'BUDS' Will Thank You For Introducing Them To This Show

APRIL 1/2020

"A show that is designed to appeal to everyone, from a group of not-so "normal" people. Carefully crafted into a TWO HOUR talk radio show, the Grindhouse cast offers listeners their weekly pop culture fix seamlessly blended into a precise format." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - In Your Ears: Podcast Magazine; National


How to Become the Center of Influence Through Fun and Authentic Podcasting” with Brimstone of The Grindhouse Radio

JANUARY 21/2020

"As part of my series of interviews about “How podcasters can become a center of influence,” I had the pleasure of interviewing Brimstone."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Tracey Hazzard; The Binge Factor

Long Islanders Voted The Grindhouse Radio Best Radio Station!


"Local radio stations are the voices of the region and Long Island’s radio stations come complete with our own Long Island accent – as distinctive and interesting as the people themselves. They provide the soundtrack to our workdays, morning commutes, and backyard barbecues. Here are the best ones on the Island."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Long Island Press; Best of Long Island

Brimstone on life as a multi-faceted L.I.-based entrepreneur

DECEMBER 28/2019

"Some people know Brimstone primarily as a professional wrestler. Others know him primarily as the President and CEO of Hound Comics. Other people first became aware of him through his work as an actor or as host of Grindhouse Radio."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Darren Paltrowitz; No Place Like Long Island

Former Wrestler Brimstone, of LI, Takes it From Mat to the Mic

DECEMBER 30/2019

"A child actor turned professional wrestler turned media personality is steering his high-decibel energy toward building what he hopes will become a Long Island podcasting giant." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Kenneth Schachter: Newsday; Long Island, NY

Ruth's Mustard Donates to St. Jude Children's Hospital

JULY 24/2019

"What have you donated your time, money, or efforts to lately? Ruth’s Mustard LLC has joined with Brimstone in creating and selling #SlatherSome Brimstone Ground Maple Habanero Mustard with 100% of the profits to be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Vermont Journal; Vermont

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Welcomes Back Brimstone and The Grindhouse Radio

JULY 11/2019

"Long Island pop culture and award winning podcast, The Grindhouse Radio and former professional wrestler/current entertainer Brimstone will be signing at this year's Comic Con in San Diego on July 18, 19, 20, and 21st." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Free Library; National

GHR Live Event Coverage

APRIL 2019

"The cast of, The Grindhouse Radio – thanks their fans for voting them, Best Radio Station on Long Island, for the second year in a row by giving away over $15k worth of free prizes at the Broadway Commons in Hicksville, New York. This short captures the magic and electricity of not only the event itself; however the passion and energy that keeps this crew at the top of their game. Watch as Brimstone, Kim Adragna, Zambo, Mr. Greer, Guy Brogna, Scott Eisenberg, Kevin Dempsey and Desi Sanchez give back to the community and bring the Grindhouse to life right in front of your very eyes." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Tough Monkey, National

GHR at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

"The Grindhouse Radio, also known as GHR is an internationally syndicated, award winning, pop culture talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and 19 other syndicated networks with between 3.5 – 4 million listeners weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse has been ranked as high as #15 on the Overall worldwide charts for iTunes, with a weekly spot in the Top 20 Best Comedic Podcasts worldwide ranking highest at #6. Since 2015, GHR has become a trusted, daily destination for the fans." [READ ABOUT EVENT HERE] 

- The Great Philadelphia Comic Con; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Levittown-Based Radio Named Top On Long Island

APRIL 4/2019

"You just want to give back to the community,” the team at Grindhouse Radio said. It’s unique. It’s unfiltered. It’s everything you’d expect out of a group of Long Islanders. Guests range from makeup artist Bobbi Brown to Kel Mitchel, who starred in the hit ’90s series Kenan and Kel, actor and trainer Lou Ferrigno, as well as dozens of others." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Joseph Wolkin; Levittown Tribune; Long Island, NY

Grindhouse Five Bantering Towards Stardom

MARCH 28/2019

"Two years ago, Grindhouse Radio was an up-and-comer that had just been nominated as the best radio show in Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s Best of Long Island competition."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Timothy Denton; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

Episode Twenty Nine: From Across the Podcast Universe

MARCH 21/2019

"We were lucky enough to sit down with Brimstone and Zambo of Grindhouse Radio — winner of “Best Radio Station on Long Island” for three years in a row!"  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Turn the Page Podcast; Syosset Public Library; Long Island, NY

Who Is The Best Media Personality on Long Island?

FEBRUARY 20/2019

"New York City is known as the media capital of the world, but Long Island has its fair share of media personalities as well. Long Islanders voted Brimstone the Best Long Island Personality in the 2018 Bethpage Best of Long Island contest."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Long Island Press; Long Island, NY

Gamers 'N Geeks United: Brimstone Interview

FEBRUARY 18/2019

"Talking Sports - I love sports."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Gamers 'N Geeks Podcast; Daven & Robert

On the Radio: Serial Entrepreneur and Two Radio Experts

JANUARY 13/2019

"Vibe” they did as they “crammed around a single microphone on an open desk after hours. Everything clicked. The chemistry was exactly where it needed to be." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - SCORE Small Business; National

Brimstone talks Grindhouse Radio and 'Best of Long Island' Win

JANUARY 4/2019

"Professional wrestler, actor and radio host Brimstone chatted with Digital Journal about his radio station Grindhouse Radio, his "Best of Long Island" wins, as well as the digital transformation of the entertainment business." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Markos Papadatos: Digital Journal; National

Grapplers Guide to Grinding Out Pinpoint Podcasts

NOVEMBER 28/2018

"On-air personalities have enhanced their “celebrity status” in recent years via personal websites; social media and professional homepages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.); and by becoming bloggers." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Mike Kinosian: Talkers; National

At The Great Allentown Comic Con, you're sure to see a lot of characters

NOVEMBER 14/2018

"Get ready to get your geek on. Rock your best cosplay at the Great Allentown Comic Con, one of the Valley’s largest comics and pop culture conventions, Saturday and Sunday at Allentown’s Merchant Square Mall. You’ll find celebrity guests, including Power Rangers, vendors, door prizes and, of course, cosplay." [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Jennifer Sheehan: The Morning Call; Pennsylvania

SCORE Names Three Grand Champions in 2018 American Small Business Championship


"For five years running, the American Small Business Championship has been an unparalleled program driving small business growth and sustainability across the U.S. We are so proud of these three exceptionally-accomplished and hardworking Grand Champions, each of whom embody a diverse snapshot of the American small business landscape," [READ ARTICLE HERE]

- Betsy Dougert: SCORE; National

Taste On The Beach' Photos: Long Beach Film Festival Makes Waves

AUGUST 4/2018

"Walk along the beach with Daniela's Lens as we go behind the scenes at the Long Beach International Film Festival..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Daniela Kirsch: Patch; Long Island, NY

Levittown Chamber of Commerce Welcomes The Grindhouse Radio


"The Levittown Chamber of Commerce welcomed one of its newest members, The Grindhouse Radio, with a ribbon cutting. The Grindhouse Radio, also known as GHR is an internationally syndicated, award winning, pop culture talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio and 19 other syndicated networks with between 3.5-4 million listeners weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse Radio has a state of the art studio located at 64 Division Ave, Suite LL3 in Levittown. Since 2015, GHR has become a trusted, daily destination for fans."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Levittown Chamber of Commerce; Long Island, NY

From Westworld to Moon World on Grindhouse Radio


"A national radio broadcast featuring space scientist Bernard Foing, Westworld actress Claire Unabia and artist Matthew James discussing the possibilities of space travel and habitation with Brimstone and the cast of Grindhouse Radio"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - EPSC 2018; European Planetary Science Congress

Legislator Ferretti Welcomes The Grindhouse Radio to Levittown

MAY 24/2018

"Legislator John R. Ferretti, Jr. welcomes The Grindhouse Radio to Levittown at the Grand Opening of their Levittown location on Thursday, May 24, 2018."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Legislator John R. Ferretti, Jr; LI Local News; Long Island, NY

The Grindhouse is a Champion in Small Business

MAY 10/2018

"The Grindhouse Radio is a contender in SCORE’s American Small Business Championship. The multimedia platform is the only business from New York to earn the honor, which included a weekend of networking and training in Reno, Nevada..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Brian Stieglitz; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

Ahimsa: The Power of His Message UN Women's Guild (Getty Images)

OCTOBER 2/2017

"Veronica Lee Anne, Josaine Espinal, Brimstone and Kim Adragna in attendance at Ahimsa: The Power of His Message UN Women's Guild Luncheon honoring ENGIE CEO Madame Isabelle Kocher at United Nations Plaza on October 2, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images for New Generation In Action/ AFI World Peace Initiative)"  [SEE PHOTOS HERE] & [HERE]

 - Getty Images; National

Get a 3-D printed ‘Mini Me’ selfie at this Alhambra business

AUGUST 28/2017

"Family-owned CoKreeate has positioned itself as an “all-in-one shop” that offers everything from industrial-grade scanning to 3-D design and printing to cake toppers. To newcomers, they are best known for selfie ceramic figurines of television host Larry King, “Mini Me” actor Verne Troyer, porn star Christy Mack and Stan Lee, co-creator of comic book characters such as..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Zen Vuong;  Pasadena Star News

Beer and Burgers Help Companies Beef Up LI Presence

JULY 5/2017

"For one Long Island-based radio show, beefing up its local presence didn’t take much more than burgers, craft beer and a little pop culture." [READ ARTICLE HERE

 - Jenna Macri: LI Business News, Long Island, NY


Teenagers conquer East Meadow's library at annual EMCon Animefest

MAY 25/2017

"The Grindhouse Radio personalities Kim Adragna, Steve Zambito, known to listeners as Zambo, and Brimstone visited the library to meet fans."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Stephany Reyes; LI Herald

Winners of 2017 Bethpage Best of Long Island Gather for Victory Party

MARCH 29/2017

"Hundreds of business owners came together to celebrate their victories as the best companies in Nassau and Suffolk counties during the 2017 Bethpage Best of Long Island winners dinner party at the Chateau Briand in Carle Place, on Monday, March 27."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Anthony Giudice; QNS; New York

Welcome to the Grindhouse II

FEBRUARY 17/2017

"Shoppers at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville crowded around the personalities of Grindhouse Radio, an online pop-culture talk show that features a Merrick native as a host, and recently won the Bethpage Best of Long Island Best Radio Station title."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Brian Stieglitz; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

Grindhouse Radio in Albertson puts the Pop in Culture


"At a studio in Albertson late on a Monday night, the Grindhouse Radio gang is at odds on the air over a hot topic: Which actor should portray James Bond next?"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - David J. Criblez: Newsday; Long Island, NY

Food For Thought

MARCH 30/2016

"Now from what I’ve noticed, Hound Comics already has a cartoon out there of their Brimstone and the Borderhounds book. So that’s a right step in the right direction. It shows how far they are willing to go to promote that particular book and its characters, or just that they are willing to have fun and take risks. Which from what I’ve noticed, many aren’t willing to step outside of their bubbles and take a risk."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Rob Wrecks;  Indie Comix

Brimstone Comics Interview at ToshiCon 2016


"I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brimstone's creator, Grindhouse Talk Radio Personality, Plus all his other entrepreneur things he has going on. I got a chance get into the mind of the MAN WITH A MASTER PLAN to find out what's in the work for the future of Brimstone & Grindhouse Radio."  [LISTEN HERE]


Brimstone Continues Branching Out with Syndicated Radio Show, Appearances at Pop Culture Conventions Nationwide, etc.

JANUARY 15/2016

"As Co-Founder & CEO of Hound Comics, Radio Personality, Celebrity Spokesperson- the former Child Actor Turned Pro Wrestler Turned Philanthropist Brings Creativity to New Levels. It’s not everyday you see a career spanning from child actor to professional wrestler, radio host to food critic, author to brand ambassador….but for entertainment entrepreneur Brimstone, it seems to come with the territory. With upcoming appearances at pop culture conventions and a busy schedule hosting his syndicated The Grindhouse Radio show- a weekly fix on news, comics, music, and movies considered the “ultimate guide to everything geek”- 2016 is sure to have a ton in store for renaissance man of many talents."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Rick Eberle;  Long Island Entertainment

'Brimstone and The Borderhounds - Necrocide' Comic Review

OCTOBER 31/2015

"In the Necroverse, being dead isn't a bad thing; it's a way of living. On one fateful day, the Necroverse is shaken to its very core as a horrible madness from beyond threatens to consume everything in its path. One man will come face to face with the monster responsible for bringing it; a monster that is the only thing that can stop it from consuming and destroying their world and with it, their universe."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Robert McClelland;  Indie Comix

BBP Live Episode 126: Guest Podcaster BRIMSTONE Returns!


"What's "In the Bag" for episode 126: President & Celebrity CEO of Hound Comics, Pro-Wrestler, Actor, Author, Food Critic, and Comic/Animated/Children's Book Hero, BRIMSTONE (@therealbrimstone) makes his return to the podcast!"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, and Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera;  The Brothers Bear Podcast

Long Islanders Enjoyed Long Beach International Film Festival’s “Taste On The Beach”, Friday, August 7, 2015

AUGUST 20/2015

"The Long Beach International Film Festival “Taste on the Beach” event took on place Friday, Aug. 7, between National Boulevard and Edwards Boulevard in Long Beach, New York. Guests enjoyed a new feature “Taste on the Beach” to their flick night event."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Cognac Wellerlane;  Long Island Exchange

Long Beach Intl Film Festival Takes the Concept of “Dinner And A Movie” To A Whole New Level – on the Beach

AUGUST 11/2015

"On Friday August 7th 2015, the Long Beach International Film Festival took the concept of “Dinner and a Movie” to a whole new level, adding the spectacular “Taste on the Beach” event to their widely respected Shorts on the Beach series."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Ingrid Dodd;  Long Island Exchange

Brimstone is Back with a Vengeance on The Sissy Gamache Show Tonight!

JULY 10/2015

"Entertainment entrepreneur and former wrestler, Brimstone is back on The Sissy Show to talk about his new business ventures tonight 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and streamed LIVE on and"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Charles Casano;  PR Log

The Business of Entertainment: Interview with Brimstone

JULY 8/2015

"It would be difficult to pin a single hat on Will Kucmierowski. The businessman, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker and now branched out brand name Brimstone, has his hands in it all. Brimstone has created an empire, launching Hound Entertainment Group and publishing over 40 comics, books, spices and seasonings, fragrances, video games, his involvement with the Stan Lee Foundation and..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Laura Cerrone;  Geek Chic Elite

Brimstone Joins Trash Talking Radio

JULY 7/2015

"Brimstone joins Trash Talking Radio..."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Mike Trash;  Trash Talking Radio

Comic Book Guru, Brimstone, Wants YOU To Be The Change You Want To See!

JUNE 30/2015

"In addition to all of his professional successes, Brimstone also has a soft spot for charities and is involved with several philanthropy groups including The Stan Lee Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy Association, St. Mary's Healthcare System for children and many, many more...."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Giacinta Pace;  NBC News - Cause Celeb

'Brimstone and The Borderhounds - Luscious: Riker's Island' Comic Review

JUNE 20/2015

"Like prior issues of Brimstone and the Borderhounds, Luscious: Riker’s Island is a ton of fun. Featuring the large, pink-boa wrapped member of Brimstone’s team, this issue follows Luscious into the dangerous halls of Riker’s Island, where he’s been sent by Brimstone to find a couple of their favorite fare: escaped beings from the depths of hell."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Sarah;  Project-Nerd


'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Critical M.A.S.S. Review

JUNE 9/2015

"Brimstone and the Borderhounds: Critical M.A.S.S. is the kind of thing that most comic book fans dream of—a massive team-up with a bunch of heroes (though, in the case of this particular comic, misfits is probably a more appropriate term), fighting crime and monsters together with their combined…er, “powers”. In this case the team-up ends up being more of a party, which is probably exactly what would happen if my best friends and I all got together and had superpowers and decided to fight crime. Hilarious, bizarre, and tons of fun, Critical M.A.S.S. is thrilling from start to finish, made entertaining by the dynamic cast of characters, quirky dialogue, and pop-off-the-page art."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Sarah;  Project-Nerd

Indimusic TV Global Launch Event Kicks Off With Monumental Night at Slake, NYC

JUNE 9/2015

"With guests like international recording star and CBS “Rockstar: Supernova” contestant Ryan Star, Comedian/Actor Rob Magnotti of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”, professional Wrestler/Actor/Author Brimstone..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Rick Eberle;  Long Island Exchange

'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' 1-9 Comic Review

MAY 26/2015

"Hound Comics’ Brimstone and the Borderhounds has an interesting premise–bounty hunters for souls that have escaped. It’s nothing revolutionary and has been done before, but in Borderhounds’ case it’s got enough going on and enough plot development to keep it really interesting through each issue. This comic’s got a Supernatural sort of feel to it just from reading the description, something that will surely appeal to fans of media that focuses on the preternatural and the realms of hell (and beyond). It also explores a variety of different themes such as prejudice, power struggle, and discrimination."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Sarah;  Project-Nerd

Breaking Bread with Brimstone

APRIL 23/2015

"Our guest for Episode 72 is a very special guy. He goes by the name Brimstone. If you haven't herd of him before, you may have seen him around sometime."  [LISTEN HERE]

 - Randy Hardenbrook, & Jeramy Kahle;  Canned Air Podcast


United Ink "No Limits" Tattoo Festival

MARCH 22/2015

"NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 22: Pro Wrestler Brimstone attends the United Ink "No Limits" Tattoo Festival at Resorts World Casino New York City on March 22, 2015 in New York City."  [SEE PHOTO HERE]  [SEE PHOTO HERE]

 - Daniel Zuchnik;  Getty Images

Lydia's Literary Lowdown Returns with Master of ALL Trades, Brimstone!


"I am so very fortunate to have met Brimstone via our mutual pal Casey Ryan. As you'll see and hear, Brimstone is a Master of ALL talents...and because of this, the only problem I'll have is how on earth to cover all f them in one measly hour!..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Lydia Aswolf;  Lydia's Literary Lowdown


Eternal Con 2 Comes Back to Long Island This Weekend

JUNE 11/2014

"Long Island's own Brimstone catches up with Rob Rush to chat about Eternal Con. Long Island's own Brimstone will be one of the many guests signing and hanging out. Brim called me to chat about Eternal Con and a few more things he's got going on."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Rob Rush; 94.3 The Shark

Here Comes Eternal Con 2

JUNE 10/2014

"This being the second year I thought it would be cool to find out more ahead of the show so I sat down and had a chat with Brimstone. Wrestler, storyteller and creator of Hound Comics, cook, family man and all around nice guy Brimstone is a Long Island creative entrepreneur who wants to put Long Island first and bring people, events and revenue to Long Island."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Fingers;  102.3 WBAB

Rulebreaker Awards Announces 15 Category Winners

MAY 27/2014

"15 finalists have been chosen in the RuleBreaker awards. The unconventional awards program, sponsored by Nextiva, Skype and Constant Contact, celebrates entrepreneurs who ignore conventional wisdom, take the path less traveled and break all the rules in their pursuit of success. William Brimstone Kucmierowski of Hound Comics,, a publishing company..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Mike Michalowicz;  Rulebreaker Awards

#51: Super Hero Speak Year One

APRIL 25/2014

"Celebrate good time come on! The very first Super Hero Speak was published on 4/25/2013, so we are celebrating our one year anniversary in style with… a clip show!?! We want to take this week’s episode to highlight some of the past guests and favorite moments we have had over the past year."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Dave Markowski;  Super Hero Speak Podcast

Annual Homeless Vigil Helps Hundreds With Free Supplies

APRIL 11/2014

"Crowds of homeless and volunteers flowed through the student union. Food, pet food, clothing, coats, baby items, cleaning supplies, housewares, toys and other supplies lined the walls of the room. The event even attracted a dozen cosmetologists from Nevica Salon performing free haircuts, as well as former professional wrestler William “Brimstone” Kucmierowski greeting fans."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Vision Long Island

Central PA ComicCon

APRIL 4/2014

"ComicCon is coming to central Pennsylvania! Talking to us is Brimstone – Hound Comics."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Jeff Jensen;  FOX News 43

3D Printing Used to Create the Coolest Comic Book Cover Ever

MARCH 4/2014

"Los Angeles-based 3D scan and print service CoKreeate is making good on the possibility of using CAD to turn 2D images into 3D models.

The company's owners are very good friends with a pro wrestler who also writes comic books, and they wanted to make a present for him.

So they took the cover of Brimstone and the Borderhounds #9, scanned it, and turned the scan into a 3D..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Sebastian Pop;  Softpedia News

Des couvertures de comic books imprimés en 3D

MARCH 4/2014

"C’est le tome 9 de Brimstone and the Borderhounds qui a eu cet honneur, avec une couverture modélisée en 3 dimensions à l’aide d’un scanner puis du logiciel zbrush, le tout par la société CoKreeate."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Flavian Chantrel;  MonUnivers3D

CoKreeate's Cool 3D Printed Comic Book Cover

MARCH 4/2014

"Los Angeles based 3D scan and print service CoKreeate might have just made the next gimmick cover that comic fans will say that they hate but will still buy anyway. Brimstone and the Borderhounds #9 gets a 3D printed cover, and it’s cool enough that I’ll be really shocked if this doesn’t catch on. Being friends with a pro wrestler who writes comic books is probably about as cool as it sounds. But considering the 3D printed cover that they gave him I would imagine that for Brimstone it’s pretty cool being..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Scott J. Grunewald;  3D Printing Industry

First 3D Printed Comic Book Cover is Announced: Is this what the industry needs to advance?

FEBRUARY 23/2014

"Comic books have been around since the early 1930’s, and they enjoyed their ‘golden age’ from the mid 30’s until about 1950. Since then, there has been just about no innovation among the comic book industry. While there hasn’t been much to change, the industry is still going strong with over $400 million in sales each year..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Adlughmin;

La première bande dessinée imprimée en 3D

FEBRUARY 25/2014

"En collaboration avec l’ancien catcheur professionnel Brimstone (William Kucmierowski) de son nom de scène et auteur du comics « Brimstone and the Borderhounds », CoKreeate a créé la première bande dessinée au monde à avoir une couverture imprimée en 3D. Le choix de l’impression s’est porté sur le numéro 9 intitulé « Théorie Extinction », le tout premier comics à avoir donc innover ce procédé de fabrication."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Alexandre Moussion;  Primante 3D

First Comic Book Cover in 3D

FEBRUARY 24/2014

"De covers zijn geprint op een Zcorp 3D printer (zandsteen). Uitgever Hound Comics heeft een limited edition van ‘Brimstone and the Borderhounds’ uitgegeven. Comic books zijn sowieso collectors items, en dat geldt zeker voor zo’n exemplaar."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Arthur Lubbers;  Blok Boek 

Brimstone and The Borderhounds, le 1er comics avec une couverture imprimée en 3D

FEBRUARY 24/2014

"Après On Such a Full Sea, le premier livre avec une couverture imprimée en 3D, voici le premier comics aux personnages jaillissant de la couverture! CoKreeate compte ainsi révolutionner la bande dessinée comics qui n’a pas changé depuis les années 1950, même le passage au livre numérique semble être un échec! C’est donc l’épisode n°9 du comics Brimstone and The Borderhounds intitulé Extinction Theory la première bande dessinée à voir sa couverture prendre vie."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Motard Geek;  Les Impramantes 3D - France

Victoria's First Comic Con a Huge Success

JANUARY 14/2014

"Folks visiting the Community Center over the weekend, you were not alone.  As a matter of fact there were roughly 3,000 spectators who turned out in droves to the very first Comic Con to visit Victoria. Amid some controversy with a monster truck promotion, the first annual Victoria Comic Con was a huge breath of fresh air for local nerds, nerds-at-heart, toy enthusiasts or just anyone who wanted to have a great time. Among those in attendance were comic book author/producer Brimstone and WWE legend Kevin Nash."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Dave Fenix;  106.9 KLUB Classic Rock

The Chile Pepper Award Winners 2013!


"Chile Pepper, the oldest and finest magazine dedicated to the hot and spicy culinary experience also has the top award for our industry. HOT SAUCE - ASIAN STYLE - CAJOHN | BRIMSTONE’S SWEET HEAT TREAT..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Chile Pepper Magazine

Metal Geeks 29: Brimstone Geekery

NOVEMBER 16/2013

"Do you smell that? It smells That's right Geekazoids it's time for another excellent Geek adventure; Metal Geeks Episode 29. This week we are joined by Former Professional Wrester, Current Founder/CEO of Hound Comics, and Badass Philanthropist Brimstone! Both Cary and JM went into this interview ready to battle the hounds of hell but what we found was a great man doing wonderful things for artists, writers, throwback WWE/WCW pro-wrestlers, battle bullies into the Depths of Hell, and is an active spokesperson for The Stan Lee Foundation. Come one. Come all. Jump in the fire and Geek Out with us!...."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Cary & JM;  Metal Geeks Podcast

Pop culture rules at Allentown Comic Con

NOVEMBER 13/2013

"It's billed as the Valley's largest comic and pop culture convention.

The Allentown Comic Con will have 43 comic artists and television and movie personalities, 30 comics and trading card vendors, as well as a costume contest..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Tim Higgins;  The Morning Call

BBP LIVE Episode 54: Guest Podcast Brimstone

OCTOBER 11/2013

"What's "In the Bag" for Episode 54: Sanch's Halloween Costume is...? We announce the winner of BBP Art contest. We Interview our Guest, Brimstone. "Winky-pedia". Brimstone shares his wrestling career and how meeting..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, and Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera;  The Brothers Bear Podcast

In Search of the World's Spiciest Pepper

OCTOBER 29/2013

"The race to grow the most insanely hot pepper is on. But the road to fiery fame and fortune is paved with trash talk, deception, even performance enhancers! We sent our man inside the superheated battle for the chilihead crown.."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Steven Leckart;  MAXIM Magazine

Episode 4: Ain't Nothing But A Hound... Dog Baby...


"This week's guest: The amazing Brimstone!!!! From child actor, to wrestler, to CEO of a comic book company, to philanthropist! Learn the ropes of branching out and constantly staying relevant to the business! A show you don't want to miss.. or he will power-bomb you through your computer desk!!!!!"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Deadpool Speaks;  Chimichanga Talk

Zombie Survival Crew: Brimstone


"Don’t mess with ZSC Special Forces member, Brimstone. His name alone should give potential zombies something to consider as their brains decay and the hunger takes over. A man of many talents, Brimstone started his career on “Sesame Street” and “Romper Room” before moving on to a musical career, and finally finding his spot in the ring wrestling for the leaders..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Zombie Survival Crew

On the Beat with Brimstone at Wizard World 2013

AUGUST 28/2013

"Johngy finally met Brimstone!  That could make for a great opening sentence in an odd novel.  Instead, it describes what happened at Wizard World.  I had tried to meet Brimstone at several previous conventions, but our schedules just never allowed the connection.
Anyway, it was worth the wait, as the experience was great.  Brimstone is a character (pun slightly intended), but he is also a very astute and successful businessman.  The "character" part stems from his wrestling career (or vice versa).  The transition to a successful post-wrestling career is both refreshing and very interesting....."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - John Wroblewski;  Johngy's Beat

Hound Comics Publisher Profile

AUGUST 21/2013

"Hounds Comics is most famous for their comic Brimstone and The Borderhounds, the character that is based off of Kucmierowski’s wrestling character Brimstone...."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Aaron Albert;

Bumblefoot and Brimstone Helping Out by Bringing in the Heat!

JANUARY 30/2013

"As far as the trafficking is concerned, it kind of fell on me. A couple of good friends of mine were involved in this foundation and they told me that this is something that’s been taking place in our own backyard – I had to find out more information.  The more I dug the crazier it got.  Apparently, there have been countless instances here in NYC for many years!  A matter of fact, there has been a couple of major busts that have taken place recently.  The victims were young woman who were being trafficked as sex slaves… It’s a really crazy.  Not only woman; but young children are being taken as well!  It’s just one of those things; I’m all about fighting for the ones who can’t."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Giacinta Pace;  NBC News - Cause Celeb

Bumblefoot, Brimstone & Food Hounds Launch Gourmet Sauce and Seasoning

JANUARY 22/2013

"Hound Entertainment Group has officially announced the release and availability of their collections of branded Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Will ‘Brimstone’ Kucmierowski and Food Hound signature products.  The announcement followed the celebrity filled ‘Spicy Hound Extravaganza‘ launch and release party on January 15th, earlier in the week. The event, which was held by Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) and sponsored by CaJohn’s Fiery Foods, Eastsport, Yelp, and Times Scare..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Urban Adventures;  Long Island Exchange

Exclusive Interview with William “Brimstone” Kucmierowski of Hound Comics

JUNE 29/2012

"Before he became Founder/Publisher of Hound Comics William Kucmierowski was known to wrestling fans as Brimstone. Since his semi-retirement from the squared circle, Kucmierowski has used his fame to become a thriving businessman and..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Anthony DiChiara;

Comic Review: Brimstone and the Borderhounds


"Brimstone and the Borderhounds, if anything, is the progression of several artists and writers as they try to understand the intricacies of creating a comic. I have chosen to review all four issues of Brimstone and the Borderhounds because it needs to be examined in its entirety. I was fortunate enough to get all four issues instead of one at a time and thankfully..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Rough Justice;  Geeks of Doom

Brimstone and The Borderhounds Animates Wizard World Miami

FEBRUARY 26/2011

"In order to celebrate the kick-off of the Hound Comics promotional tour with the convention kings of comics and pop-culture, Wizard World Entertainment... Hound Comics and Floating Pear Productions will offer an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE SNEAK PEEK at the title sequence for "Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series" with theme music courtesy of Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal of Guns N' Roses."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Wizard World;  Eventful Miami

Barnes & Noble Is 'Hound Bound' With Brimstone And The Borderhounds

JANUARY 6/2011

"Hound Comics is proud to formally announce that its flagship brand, "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" will officially be on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Book World retail stores nationwide on Tuesday, January 11th! On this date, the brand new comic book will be available in bookstores as well as online worldwide via Hot off the official launch signing held at Borders Books & Music (October 2010 - Westbury, NY) this past fall, the "Hounds" are excited their fans will have full access to their latest endeavor."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Newswire; Press Release

Barnes & Noble is ‘Hound Bound' with Brimstone and the Borderhounds

JANUARY 6/2011

"What is so special about this you may ask? The Hounds have made history by becoming one of the few, if not only; independent comic creators to have its title distributed by the self-proclaimed, "Largest Book Retailer in the World." Not since Image Comics took a stand in the direction of creator-owned licenses has an indie company declared war on the industry by shouting, "Hey! We are..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Amazines; Press Release

Brand new celebrity driven comic book hits national book store circuit

JANUARY 6/2011

"Hound Comics is making a major impact and taking the comic industry by storm. "We are truly looking to raise the bar in terms of quality from the storyline right down to the printing. This is certainly not your average comic book, we guarantee more bang for your buck!" says Brimstone, lead character of The Borderhounds."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - 1888-Press Release; Press Release

A Wrestler's Tale: 'Trust me, it hurts'

JANUARY 4/2009

"As Darren Aronofsky's ‘The Wrestler', starring Mickey Rourke, has poignantly reminded viewers, the life of a wrestler off the ring is hardly a dreamlike one. "Brimstone", a professional wrestler from New York, gave us his account. For many, the world of wrestling is all about glamour, thrills and glory. In the US, wrestlers are revered by adoring crowds as true stars. Yet, behind the glitter lies a more sombre reality, portrayed in newspapers' "in brief" sections."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - France 24- The Observers; International

Music School Inc – DRUM FIGHT 7 Event and Expo – Winners and Prizes Announced


"The show was hosted by Jared Feldman (Dead Superstar) and MC’d by Professional Wrestler (and Drummer) Brimstone and featured special guest judges Liberty Devito from Billy Joel’s band, AJ Pero from Twisted Sister, Rod Morgenstein from Winger..."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Music School, Inc;  Long Island Exchange

Long Island’s Own: BRIMSTONE

APRIL 27/2007

"In the Bible, fire and brimstone are known as “the torments suffered by sinners in hell”. But here on Long Island, Brimstone is anything but demonic. In fact, he one of the sweetest guys I ever had the pleasure interviewing. Don’t let the photo or the character fool you. Although professional wrestler, Will Kaye (AKA Brimstone) is a destroyer in the ring, he’s a smart, well-spoken family man with his heart in the right place. His larger-than-life character is about to hit the comic books."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Janene Mascarella;  Long Island Exchange