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“When the most evil, horrific and obnoxious beings that ever existed in this universe, past or present, escape from the Wasteland; Brimstone and his elite team of Borderhounds must cross the fabric of reality to get them back and claim the title of “Greatest Bounty Hunters… ever,” along with a pretty huge check. With the aide of NYPD Detective Billy Altar, Brim and his team will run up against rival Borderhound squads, alternate realities, various flavors of fried chicken, backstabbing siblings, disobedient semi-demonic children and a really angry guy in a skirt.  The only question will be...Will Brimstone be home in time for dinner?“


The Guidelines of Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series

Brimstone and the Borderhounds take the archetype of the traditional superhero cartoon series and creates a unique spin by giving audiences a humorous, action packed and socially conscious cartoon.  The cartoon is meant to entertain younger audiences by providing memorable characters, highly colorful and visually stunning set-pieces, pulse pounding action and a rich auditory experience.  At the same time it will entertain adults with social, political, pop culture humor and commentary.

The format of the series will be seasons of 26 episodes, 22 minutes in length with single episodic story arcs underscored by a season to season story arc and an overall series arc.  The episodes, by themselves, will be entertaining enough to bring viewers into the fold while the season and series arcs will keep them tuned in.  Each episode’s story will not be so far involved in the subplots to deter new mid-season viewers.  The continuing sub-plots will be of an intriguing enough quality to make those late season viewers want to go back and watch prior episodes/seasons missed.

So often, cartoons that are marketed towards a younger audience tend to run out of steam as their audience gets older.  Their formula appeals to certain cultural paradigms and as they shift, the cartoons no longer appeal to the incoming audiences in their target demographic.  By incorporating satire, humor and the exciting action that appeals to audiences old and young; the show can evolve as our society and culture changes.  BaTB will provide a constant source of entertainment to audiences in a wide demographic and retain those viewers as they age and introduce it to their children.  Much like Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Pinky & the Brain and Transformers; BaTB will be a show that will be timeless in its themes, humor and messages to people of all ages.  Either as a mainstream network staple or a cult phenomena with a dedicated following, the combination of a children’s cartoon series with grown-up sci-fi story telling will ensure the show’s duration as a viable commercial product throughout the years.

Now let’s get hunting!

Brimstone | Animated Poster
Brimstone | Animated Still
Brimstone | Animated Still
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