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Brimstone | Wrestling Then & Now Documentary

CLICK ABOVE if you happen to have AMAZON PRIME VIDEO or TUBI and you can catch a glimpse of VERY young Brimstone in the Documentary, 'Wrestling Then and Now' which is currently streaming FREE!!! The documentary was originally released in 2002, directed by Dwayne Walker and produced by Evan Ginzburg (The Wrestler). The documentary is a great snapshot of the Northeast Wrestling scene at the time with a spotlight on some amazing talent including; but not limited to one of Brimstone's trainers, Homicide 187. 

Below is just a little Biographical information - More will be added as time permits.

Factions Affiliated: “Critical Mass” (Mayhem, Chris Hostile, and Chavez Raoul)
“Carnival Of Destruction” (Demolition Blast, Lou Valentino, Rayna Fire, Busta Uppa, Will Wagner, Draven, Vito Bari, Magic, and Queen Yasmine)

Valets & Managers: Ms. Hellfire, Hellcat, Bobby Riedel, Rayna Fire, Missy Hyatt

Finishing Move: XiBalba "The Entrance To Hell"

Signature Moves: Hell’s Bells (Wheelbarrow suplex), Smoke Bomb (Chokebomb), Depth’s of Hell Driver (Michinoku driver), Gone with the Wind (Top rope elbow), Attitude Adjustment (Spear), Bezerker Bomb (Falling Slam), Big Bang Theory, Big Badda Boom.

Tag Finishers: The Last Bulldog, Critical Massacre, and Total Massacre with Mayhem. The Critical Massacre with Chris Hostile. Total Massacre, The Sideshow Slam with Lou Valentino, Demolition Decapitation with Blast.

Trained By: Brimstone began training to become a professional in 1996 with Chris Hostile, and Chavez Raoul at Long Island Wrestling Federation's "Doghouse" under the tutelage of veterans The Original Gino Carusso (WCW / UWF /TNA, Low-Ki (TNA), Homicide 187 (TNA), Sir Christopher Michaels (ECW, WWF, WCW), Dances With Dudleys (ECW), Magic, Crazy Clown, and Laithon "The Tower of Torture."

Brimstone pursued his training and mentorship under “The Original” Gino Carusso becoming a certified member of the Unified Wrestling Federation, and obtaining his New York State Professional Wrestling License.

Championships Held: Wrestling World Wide Heavyweight Champion (1), New York Wrestling Connection Heavyweight Champion (2), Long Island Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion (1) with Chris Hostile, New York Wrestling Connection Tag Team Champion (1) with Chris Hostile, (1) with Mayhem, New York Wrestling Connection Hardcore Champion (1). Pro Wrestling Revolution Tag Team Champion (1) with Demolition Blast.

Federations Worked With: World Wrestling Federation, TNA Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Revolution (NY), World Independent Wrestling Federation, Devastation Wrestling Federation (NJ), New York Wrestling Connection (NY), Wrestling World Wide, NWA New England (Connecticut), Ringside Wrestling (NY), Long Island Wrestling Federation (NY), Real Deal Wrestling (NY), Lower East Side Wrestling (NY), United Wrestling Alliance (NY-NJ), Intense Florida Wrestling (Florida), Unified Wrestling Federation (Florida), Mega Championship Wrestling (Ohio), North East Pro Wrestling (Staten Island), Combat Zone Wrestling, Millennium Wrestling Federation (New Jersey), Acid Pro Wrestling (Connecticut), and various other independent federations, and organizations.


Brimstone, Mayhem & Chris Hostile founded the New York Wrestling Connection in 1999 and ran their first event, 'Hotter Than Hell' at Hooters in East Meadow, Long Island, New York on August 15th, 1999.  NYWC held its second event in September of the same year at Fun Zone in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York.

Brimstone founded "Critical Mass Pro Wrestling Corp." in early 2000 in Hicksville, New York within a newly sprouted Martial Arts Academy.  The idea to create a fully functional professional wrestling school had been an idea of his since his days at the LIWF.  Seeing that there was a lot of talent needing to be primed on Long Island, with at the time - no real facility close by, Brimstone recruited his long time friends Mayhem, and Chris Hostile and Critical Mass Pro Wrestling was born. Growth at a rapid rate quickly pushed CMPW out of the academy, and into their own warehouse. The overall goal was to continue guiding hungry new talent in the best form possible within a safe and fun environment, creating “Competent, Well-Rounded Athletes.”  

Brimstone and Mayhem assisted John "Earthquake" Tenta's school in Florida as special guest trainers, assisting Head Trainer Gino Carusso in working with the students.

Brimstone became a head trainer for former student Johnny Ova's school PWR (Pro Wrestling Revolution) in 2007 and remained as an influence until the school closed its doors years later. During this time, Brimstone also guest trained for FTW Wrestling and others. Shortly after, Brim retired from in-ring action and pursued other areas of entertainment and business (which you can learn about HERE)

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Please excuse the minimal photos in this gallery - More will be added shortly; but the ones below were accessible at the time of the website's launch. More photos coming soon.

Brimstone | Photo Courtesy of Steven Velasquez
Brimstone | NYS Pro Wrestling Licenses
Brimstone | Wrestling World Wide Promo with Chavez Raoul
Brimstone | Honored by the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame
Brimstone | In Action
Brimstone | Wrestler
Brimstone | Carnival of Destruction PWR Tag Team Champions with Demolition Blast
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