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Ruth's Mustard & Brimstone | Unite for Charity

Hey Borderhounds... hope everyone is safe and healthy out there in this crazy world! If you were not 'in the know' about the project going on between myself and my friends over at Ruth's Mustard - then I will explain here now! I met Laurel & Ed from Ruth's when The Grindhouse Radio was selected as a SCORE Small Business Champion back in 2018 while out in Reno, NV. The pair was sweet, adorable and had the best 'on the go' marketing at the event! We'd become fast friends and dabbled with the idea of doing a Limited Edition

Brimstone based Mustard; however with my ever busy schedule - it took some time to make it happen. Laurel, who is a ball of pure joy and energy - wedged herself into my calendar and we decided to just get it done... the brainstorming began! Now, I love playing mad scientist and anyone who knows me knows that I have a distinctive palette (which has in turn birthed multiple award winning products... just saying). I couldn't make it out to New Hampshire where they are based; so we hashed out the ideas and Ed got to work on developing the flavors. After a grouping of samples arrived... we had the winner and a new Mustard was born! We named it 'Slather Some' and it is a wickedly spiced, delicious ground maple habanero mash-up of epic proportions! We also agreed that we would donate any of the proceeds to the St. Jude Children's Foundation - we both feel very strongly about giving back. Now, unfortunately - do to the shipping weight cost of the product and the high quality ingredients... the price turned out to be a little higher than what we'd had liked it to be. We received a LOT of interest; however some people were scared away by the pricing - and we totally understood that. Honestly, the goal was to make it affordable, move a lot of product and be able to hand over a hefty-handsome check to the cause. I think despite the few roadblocks we had, we did good!

Today - we made a donation of $2,500 to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Albany, New York. Of course, the world is currently in the middle of a Pandemic and I was unable to attend the ceremony personally; however I was in turn represented by my beautiful daughter Samantha who was able to be there in my place! Samantha joined Laurel and Ed in handing over the check - I couldn't be happier or prouder. Any time we can do good in this crazy world... it's a win. I believe we are going to continue to keep 'Slather Some' running and I'd appreciate it if you (yes, YOU) would consider ordering one, two - a few for your family and friends... a slew for your Wine Fairies perhaps? Let's get this flavor train rolling in a direction that will please your taste buds, make people happy and help out a charitable cause all-in-one! It would be fantastic to be able to raise more for the kids. HUGE thank you to all of you who grabbed a jar and slathered some love with us!

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