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Worth the Fight

So, many of you know that until recently - I was managing the career of a young singer/songwriter Arizona Lindsey. Due to scheduling conflicts and simply lack of time... I had to step away from working with her and her team. That being said, I played a big part in putting together elements of this new track, Worth the Fight that is being released for Suicide Awareness Month and featuring my brother from another, The King... DMC (Run DMC). In support of Suicide and Mental Health Awareness, as well as Ari and DMC - I wanted to make sure to do my due diligence in ensuring everyone knows about the track as I believe everything... even something small - can be the difference in saving a life! Below is a promo video concerning the making of the track and how it came to be... hope you all enjoy, pre-save and download the track - and most importantly... know that you are NEVER alone and you are ALWAYS good enough... know that you are worth the fight. - Brim

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