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Yes, That is me on TLC...

YES. For the ungodly amount of messages that I've received within the last 48 Hours - well, thank you! Apparently the commercial I filmed a few months back finally hit the television screen. As I currently know, it is airing on TLC and a couple of other networks; however I am unsure of anywhere else OR the markets. So just in case you missed it, I wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to SEE it for themselves! The commercial is for the Chopra & Nocerino Law Firm, and filmed by Ampersand Marketing. They reached out to one of my agents to see if I was available and if I'd be game to do the gig. Thankfully, I was able to rearrange my schedule at the time and book it!

Without further ado... below is the final commercial. Enjoy! - Brim

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