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Hey, That Guy Looks Familiar...

Hey Borderhounds... as always - I apologize for not keeping up with the BrimBLOG as much as I would like to. I seem to start a LOT of entries; however get extremely swamped and therefore never finish writing them! I'm awful, I know... but I'm trying!!! That being said, I have been running like a racehorse for the better part of over a year or so (which could be worse). So, anyways... I was in Texas this past weekend for an appearance, and quite literally - the moment I arrived in my hotel room, I began receiving messages that I was on the BIG SCREEN over at Citi Field (Home to the New York Mets). So first, I'd like to thank my fans for keeping me in the know about things going on... you are all AWESOME - I greatly appreciate all of your love and support!!! Please keep forwarding me any Brim-sightings that you find out in the wild... it is wonderful having those extra eyes and ears out there. As per my thoughts on this - I love it... who thought that doing a quick cameo in a legal commercial would end up seeing it run rampant via multi-media; but in stadiums as well - What a cool surprise. Thanks again for allowing me to do everything I do. - Brim

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