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What's on My Playlist? 20 Tracks Brim Loves.

Often, I'm asked what's on my playlist and people are surprised at what some of my responses are... I figured I would drop a little music love on everyone for fun. There are literally thousands of songs that I could list - so this by far is NOT my end all be all; but certainly tracks that I couldn't live without! So here's TWENTY tracks that I'm into that I think you should listen to as well! Also, keep in mind that these are in no specific order.... Enjoy!


Whether you're looking for a banger to keep you going on a long drive, get your spirits up after a bad day; or just a track that you can feel the rhythm within every inch of your being - Boasty is for you 200%. The kicker is that Idris Elba actually spits some hot fire towards the end of the track and apparently he writes for himself... No ghosty! Make sure to bump this whenever and wherever humanly possible. I can't get enough to be blunt.

Make It Bun Dem

What do you get when you put Damian Marley and Skrillex in a room? Magic. This is my personal, 'Walk down the street' song - when it's playing... I crank it up really loud and just let it flow. People would normally expect me to be all metal or hardcore all the time; but I grew up hip-hop and reggae... and this - this would be my theme music time and time again (not the in-ring persona of Brimstone; however the day to day version of me). Winning.

Fatty Boom Boom

Yep. Die Antwoord is beyond strange. I agree - they are completely out of this world... and I think it's why I love this song! It is SO far out of the norm that I fell in love with it and can't turn it off when it's on (unfortunately, my wife has a completely different feeling about it). If you're interested in listening to music that is outside of the proverbial box - I would recommend giving them a shot... just know what you're getting into.

Girl All the Bad Guys Want

Did you really think that every song I was going to add would be reggae or rap? You'd be sadly mistaken - I love all music and this specific track amps me up every time! Honestly, the lyrics are SO true to life that you can just empathize with every word. I've always enjoyed Bowling for Soup (no, not just because I'm friends with Jaret), their music just completely grabs you by the cojones and takes you on a journey. Check this one out if you haven't heard it - listen again (and again) if you have!

The Anthem

Ok, so I'm not normally a Good Charlotte fan; but I can get behind this song 100%. It's truly one of those tracks where you have to scream the chorus at the top of your lungs regardless of where you are; or what you're doing.... I mean... it IS The Anthem... Put your hands UP! In all seriousness, if you haven't listened to this full blast while cruising down a turnpike somewhere - you haven't really lived. Take a listen and enjoy the ride.

Hand on the Pump

I don't care who you are... I can almost guarantee that you have at very least ONE Cypress Hill track in your go to playlist. Pioneers and legends in the hip-hop rap game - there are WAY too many songs that I could list here... so I'll make it simple and add one of the reasons I fell in love with them back in the days - Hand on the Pump brought Cypress to the dance and they're still bringing the heat decades later. Get educated and enjoy this track.


This one is pretty near and dear to my heart... first and foremost - the track has two of my dear friends on it (DMC and Bumblefoot). Secondly, it is the second generation aspect that brings a tear to my eye being that D'Son is DMC's actual son and he's on a path to take after his dad! Not only is this song well put together and blessed by two legends; but it is catchy and will completely mesmerize you while listening to it. My younger daughter swears by this song - so it breaks the hurdles of the generational gap as well... take a listen and you'll understand.


If you haven't heard Scenario before - let's face it... you must live under a rock. This is the track that put A Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School in an all new league, excelling them to stardom! Now for those of you who don't know, I grew up with the guys in Leaders of the New School - so this track did more for me personally as it inspired me to be better! I will never forget seeing C-Boogie Brown, Dinco and Busta on the Arsenio Hall Show and screaming to my mother in the other room to turn on the television! I wonder if anyone in my past felt that way about me at some point? Anyway, legendary track - pump it and bump it.

Wild World

Yes, I know that Mr. Big didn't actually write this song; but I have always loved their version of it. It is also the song that I sent to my older daughter when she was going off into the big bad world by herself years ago... I told her that it is truly a wild world out there as we sent her off to become an independent woman. So needless to say - this song is near and dear to my heart as it makes me think of my first born. I challenge you to listen to this track and NOT sing along. Impossible. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Hazy Shade of Winter

This is an oldie; but a goodie... I can't get enough of The Bangles - EVER. Susanna Hoffs was the love interest of EVERY guy (and probably a ton of girls as well) back in the day, and her sultry singing always hit the spot. This specific song was on the Less Than Zero soundtrack and I'll never forget turning it up in my dad's car and jamming out as a teenager. Regardless of your taste in music, I have to believe that you'll enjoy this track among other Bangles songs.

Buffalo Bill

In my personal opinion - one of Eminem's best tracks! I've been infatuated with it since it came out. The flow is different and the music just gets under your skin... like Buffalo Bill. It is just infectious - I become entranced when listening pretty much every time... it's that type of song where if it gets interrupted - I have to stop it and start it all over so I can hear it through from the beginning all of again. Ok, I may need psychiatric help.

Eventually, Anyway

Alright, this track is from a relatively unknown band that I knew from eons ago, back when I was actively playing. The band was affectionally named, Edna's Goldfish and they were always killer live! This was my favorite song that they did then and it still is to this day - I am guilty of cranking it up, singing all the way through and then restarting it so I can do it all again! Rinse and repeat. If you aren't familiar with Ska... I implore that you make this your first foray into listening to this style of music!

My Radio Song

What you may or may not know, I manage a young singer and songwriter named, Arizona Lindsey. I fell in love with some of her older tracks that led me to work with her; but this is one of the songs (or sawngs as she'd say in her thick Long Island accent) off her recent album release, 'The Process' and it is one of my favorites! Hopefully you'll give it a listen and then check out her other stuff. Also, she has a NEW bonus track coming out for Suicide Awareness Month that features DMC (Run DMC) and LAW (The Amy Winehouse Band) with a little consulting from Jimmy D'Anda (Bullet Boys)... keep your eyes peeled for it!

California Love

If you listen to this song and don't start bopping your head to the beat immediately... we just can't be friends. Seriously, this is one of those bumpin' tracks that you can't deny - it is not humanly possible! Dr. Dre has had SO many hits throughout his multiple decades in the music industry - many on my playlist; but this is regularly in rotation. Let's not forget Tupac on this legendary beast of a track - his words resonate with me every time I listen to it and it never gets old.


I'm infatuated with this song. I empathize with the meaning behind it (as can any entertainer who has made their way in the business with any amount of success), and can't help but to growl along with the lyrics. Fun fact, this track is also the theme song for the Brimstone and the Borderhounds animated series - obviously I wanted it for a reason... I absolutely LOVE it!

Smooth Up In Ya'

Yes. ONE of the bands that inspired me to play metal years ago! I don't know what it was about this band; or the song that caught my attention - but I wanted to be just like them when I grew up! Never did I think that I'd eventually become friends with Jimmy (D'Anda), the drummer years later. I was finally able to confess to him that I borrowed one of his drum licks to create the beat for a drum led song I did with my old band, Image called, Ixnay. Anyway, every time I listen to Smooth Up - it brings me back to my younger days!

On Point

Along with Cypress Hill - there is NO way you could have missed House of Pain... the song 'Jump Around' is iconic and helped to pave the way for white rappers. This track happens to be one of my personal favorites - it bumps and has that flow that gets you hyped up. I'm proud to call Danny Boy O'Connor a friend and recommend checking out his current project (non-music) which is the Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Got the Time

Nothing gets me amped quite like some badass, hardcore, thrash... especially from a group of guys from my stomping grounds of New York! Since I've known these cats personally for such a long time - it is no mistake that they remain in the upper echelon of heavy bands that I hold near and dear. Anthrax were trailblazers and are legends in the music industry. Got the Time happens to be one of those songs that picks me up and gets me ready for anything - usually played prior to appearances to hype me up!

Time After Time

Ok... call me soft all you want for enjoying Cyndi Lauper - I can still kick your ass! That being said, her off-beat iconic-ness caught me wholeheartedly when I was a kid. She was pop and punk and she just wanted to have fun... you couldn't help liking her! Time After Time is one of those songs that I have to belt out every time it's on. I can't help it - it's a beautiful song and I enjoy harmonizing to her awkwardly perfect voice... try it sometime!

Shout It Out

Shotgun Messiah - another one of my favorite bands from my youth! They were in your face, different and this track merged metal and rap early on before it became really popular to do so. This specific track still gets me amped to this day and I have always enjoyed their music throughout all their iterations. It's a shame they petered out when they did as I really thought they had a lot of potential to go far; however Tim Tim the bassist wound up going on to play with Marilyn Manson as well as having a prosperous solo career. Enjoy!


I'm Broken

If you need a hardcore pick-me-up... this is the song for you. Pantera never ceased to bring the power in every moment of every song! It is a shame that they broke up when they did and an even bigger shame that we lost Dimebag and Vinny at such a young age... imagine the music that we would have been blessed with had it all gone a different way. This track, among others gets me amped up and I will forever growl with the powerful lyrics that come along with the badassery of the music itself... just get a load of that driving rhythm!

That's about it for now - I hope you enjoyed the epic journey listening to my picks! Please let me know your thoughts... which did you like, not like; or thought were just plain weird. Hit me on social media or reply to this BrimBLOG your thoughts and let me know YOUR favs!

- Brim

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