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Visit my FIVE STAR Animal Crossing Island

Well if you didn't already know... YES - I DO play Animal Crossing New Horizons! Truthfully, I probably wouldn't have started playing the game if it were not for the unfortunate 'perfect' timing of COVID-19 and quarantining. Strangely enough, I'm actually glad I did; but it is a love / hate relationship. If you listen to The Grindhouse Radio (I hope you do), you'll have surely heard me complain about how I utterly hate the game... but I love it. Confusing, I know. The reason I say I hate it is simply because I have spent an obscene amount of time playing the game, many times well into the wee hours of the night and sometimes through into the morning! It has become an addiction that I can't wrap my head around. I keep going back to get my fix... especially with these new updates! If you play Animal Crossing and unless you live under a rock, did NOT hear about the new additions to the game that took place today... your world is about to get that much cooler - well, at least

your ACNH world will. The game introduced the character Luna who takes you into a Dream world where you can visit random islands as long as you have a DREAM CODE that will connect you to the island. This code allows you to visit an island as if you were actually playing at that location... except it is meant solely to explore. So that being said, it allows me to have MY audience come visit my FIVE STAR RATED island (Aptly named Brimstonia... lol) and hang out for a spell, well... umm... a dream! I thought it was a pretty bad ass opportunity to connect with people even though I may not be playing at the moment. Now, that does NOT mean that you won't find me playing with fans online - I have been known to drop in on fan's island via the Turnip Exchange or Nookazon... I've even done drop in's via Instagram and a virtual appearance at Momo-Comic Con's island (which was really amusing). This new dream deal though... it opens up the doors to run around and enjoy MY island - even running into me in the process!

So use the DREAM ADDRESS that's in the photo above and visit lovely Brimstonia, take pictures and let me see you out and about on the island. The Within Brim's Skin studio is in the house at the upper left hand side of the island on the TOP floor! There's a small step-and-repeat for you to play with (shown in the GIF at the top of this post). Our museum is almost completed; but there are a few random fish, bugs and art pieces that have been alluding me - so def visit if you haven't seen all of the fish in the Aquarium. Mostly... just enjoy yourself and remember that even though our lives have been tremendously affected by this virus - we can still connect somewhere safe. See you in your dreams... - Brim

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