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Viking Vengeance Available April 8th on Steam

WoOooOoooo baby!!! I'm amped to share the news that Viking Vengeance is FINALLY launching on April 8th via Steam! This is exciting as I voice the character, Wotan and essentially - I'm your guide throughout the entire game. Not only that; but you get a cameo from my co-hort from The Grindhouse Radio (and Truly Inconsequential), Mr. Greer who plays the role of Heimdallr - who'd a thunk it...!!! Haha, all joking aside - this game is one epic journey of bad-assery and I am thrilled to be a part of it! Now I have always wanted to do the Viking thing (almost as much as wanting to play a Pirate role); this game has honestly whet my appetite do do more! I'd really love to get my hands on voicing some of the Vikings themselves; however I am humbled to have given life to this Norse G-d. I can't wait for you all to start playing the game - I'm uber amped (if you couldn't tell). BIG love to my pals at Lowpoly Interactive for this tremendous opportunity and BIG BIG love to my engineer Alex DaPonte who always makes me sound like a million bucks!

Now let's learn a little bit about the game itself...

"Viking Vengeance is a God-Worshiping Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler ARPG set in a historical fiction world. You play as a Templar with pagan origins who rediscovers his roots and learns to wield the powers of the Norse Gods in his quest to change the destiny of his people and stop Ragnarok. Pray and bring sacrifices to Gods to Unlock Alternate Fighting Styles and blessings. Each God is unique and will come with its own set of powers and abilities. You can unlock their power by filling up your devotion bar. The more you worship them, the faster your avatar forms will level up, but neglecting one might anger him."

Now... without further ado - I'm proud to present the Launch Trailer for Viking Vengeance!!! Make sure to add it to your wish list on Steam and interact with me on social media while playing it - I want to know what YOU think!!! Away we go...

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