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The Grindhouse Radio Wins Title of 'Best Radio Station on LI' for fourth year in a row.

Humbling is an understatement. Honestly, to be blunt... I still haven't figured out how we won the first time around in 2017!!! Now, that's not to say we don't deserve it - we absolutely do; but it's just shocking considering we're a two-hour weekly show beating out terrestrial radio stations who've been around for decades. It's insane to think that our tight knit gang of misfits have made such a magnificent mark on our little plot of land here on Long Island, New York.

The Grindhouse Radio BoLI 2017

That being said... I'm crushed that we had to pull the plug on GHR's annual event due to COVID-19. Every year we've given away over $25k worth of cool stuff and things, while kicking back and hanging out with the fans... it's been a blessing. The current state of the world is SO bizarre and I just can't wrap my head around how, or better yet - WHEN things will get back to normal! Is this new twisted reality the new normal? I really couldn't fathom that being the case; but the way things look right now... a bleak future is imminent. Regardless... still I smile.

Brimstone addresses audience at a GHR appearance at Broadway Commons Mall. Hicksville, NY 2019

I'm looking forward to the days where I can freely go food shopping without the overwhelming concern that I'll contract the virus. I can't wait to get back on the tour trail when things are safe to do so. I miss meeting, seeing and catching up with my audience from around the country and beyond. Speak about humbling... there's nothing - and I mean NOTHING that is more incredible than meeting my audience (yes, audience because we're all in this together). So until we can all meet again at the Comic Cons, Foodie Events, Business Meetings, Podcast 101's and so on... remember - I love you all!!! Be safe.

The Grindhouse Radio at Pig Island Event 2019

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