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Rearranging is a LOT of Work!

I'm going to be straight up serious right now... rearranging and essentially recreating a website from scratch is a LOT of work!!! I knew that this would be an undertaking (probably why I put it off for as long as I did); but I know it was necessary. The biggest issue, strangely enough - is that I have SO many assets that it's difficult to choose what goes up, what doesn't, where they go if they make the cut... and so on. Thankfully, I've been blessed to have accomplished a lot in my career - and trust me... I don't have any plans of slowing down any time soon!

Now, I think I've successfully gotten up a solid chunk of stuff - even the start of the Buy Brim section of the site. I'm now trying to decide how to finesse in stuff like fan art, highlights, and products that are no longer on the market; but deserve a place to call their own on the dot com. There are also products that will be available again shortly - so do I wait to add them altogether, or add and then readjust when they return to market? See what I mean... this is a good problem to have; but a problem nonetheless. It's imperative to have all my assets located in one place, be professionally presented and offer a full experience to my audience, as well as to the rest of the industry.

Ok, I think I'm about done ranting here at midnight! I've successfully completed another grouping of updates today, so I'm feeling accomplished. I'm glad that everything is coming along thus far and thankful for the feedback I've been receiving. Please continue to poke around and let me know what YOU think I can do to improve the work in progress... my team checks the contact page messages on a daily basis - so we're listening! Thanks again for hanging out with ole' Brim - from the new folks joining in now, to the oldschool borderhounds sitting in the back... I love you all. Stay tuned.

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