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Project Ravenlight = Badass Brim

UBER psyched to finally share this video here on my Official Site! For those of you living under a rock... Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a remarkable feat of human innovation. Yet, it is also one of the most controversial and polarizing topics of our time. While the debates around AI continue to rage, it's crucial to recognize that AI can be wonderful when used properly. This video and Project Ravenlight uses AI in a positive manner and shows the potential it holds when harnessed responsibly. Personally, I find this specific project incredibly incredible! I'm humbled, proud and thrilled to be a subject for it. This was created by using hundreds of photos from @in_the_camera_eye @laurapaulphotography @imagesbycristina @just_roy_the_photographer @studionichole @jfsheehanphotography @ginnysinghphoto and @matt.tofel.photography1 - I'm flabbergasted at how AWESOME the end result is! If you have the opportunity, peruse his page for insane looking clips of Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain and SO many more! I hope you all enjoy watching!!! - Brim

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