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Press Release: Big Cast Shake-up at GHR

The Grindhouse Radio Announces Big Shake-up in Cast

Award Winning Pop Culture Series Continues to Makes Waves on Air

New York, New York, March 25, 2022 - Since 2015, The Grindhouse Radio has been an undeniably reliable source of pop culture news, celebrity and general comedic enjoyment for their fans. Needless to say, over the last seven years - listeners have become accustomed to the familiar voices of hosts Brimstone, Kim Adragna and Tom Greer, who are heard without fail every Thursday evening at 7pm EST. The show itself is big; but the personalities are bigger! The cast chemistry is the real secret sauce that makes this behemoth run, as their claim to fame is how their listeners feel as if they're sitting in the studio with the crew! Joining the cast weekly is simple as GHR is extremely accessible - they’ve been featured on iHeartRadio for six years, and proudly syndicated on well over thirty other networks.

One of the many draws to the Grindhouse are the diverse mini-segments throughout the show. They offer fast paced and fun content encompassing everything from music to women’s empowerment; as well as to break up the monotony of hearing the same three voices for two hours straight. There have been a few change ups over the years; however never a revolving door. This week’s episode featuring special guest, Billy Graziadei aka Billy Bio (Biohazard, Billy Bio, Powerflo) fans will notice a few changes in the landscape! GHR originals, Kevin Dempsey and Guy Brogna will be stepping down from their on-air positions. Brogna will remain with the company; however Dempsey will be moving on to continue pursuing his comic book business. Dempsey and his long running, ‘Kev’s Comic Book Corner’ will be replaced by newcomer, Rob Medina. Medina, who is no stranger to pop culture – will take over as the Grindhouse’s resident comic book guru with his new segment, ‘The Pop News’ which will continue coverage of comics and all things nerdy and geeky.

As for Brogna - his iconic segment, ‘All Music Spotlight’ will be retired and replaced with a new music segment with a familiar voice! The new segment, ‘Rockin in the Wylde World’ will be hosted by veteran DJ, Jenn Wylde who along with her popular podcast series ‘Sober Exposure’, can be found on-air at True Oldies FM 95.9 / 106.9 in the Palm Beaches. The final addition to The Grindhouse Radio platform will be popular Twitch Streamer, LiKwaiLao who will be joining the enigmatic cast with the new segment, ‘LFam’s Gaming News’ which will cover all things gaming! Constant staples such as the resident foodie segment, ‘Savor the Flavor’ with Kim Adragna and Brimstone; as well as the ‘Tom’s Takes Sports Segment’ with Tom Greer and ‘Leading Ladies’ with Amy Palmiero-Winters will continue to delight the fans and build upon the ever growing Grindhouse Radio fandom. A little change never hurt anyone and we’re excited to usher in a new era of The Grindhouse Radio; as well as introduce these incredible talents to our fan base! says Brimstone. Adragna says, We’re thrilled to continue bringing quality entertainment to the masses and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

The Grindhouse Radio (also affectionately known as GHR), is an internationally syndicated, award-winning, pop culture talk radio series that is featured platforms such as iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify and over 25 other syndicated networks with between 3.5 – 4million listeners weekly worldwide. Since its inception in 2015, GHR has become a trusted, daily destination for its fans.


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