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Photoshoot @ Selfie Clubhouse

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic… amongst SO many things that fell victim to the new world ‘normal’ – I hadn’t been able to do an actual photoshoot for at least two years! I know that may not seem like a big deal for most people; however when you are in entertainment – it is imperative to continuously be producing content, as well as have updated photos at your disposal. Now you may be thinking, ‘Ok, Brim… making a cool social media post doesn’t require a shoot!’ You’d be 200% correct-a-mundo on that thought process too. What we DO need them for is headshots, 8x10’s for appearances, websites, media and marketing (among other things). So to go for a couple of years without anything current, it’s just a bad look professionally. This all being said – I am pleased to say that I had my first shoot back last week with photographer John F. Sheehan with the incredible backdrop of the Selfie Clubhouse! Now, if you aren’t familiar with the Selfie Clubhouse – it’s ok, they’re new and located on Long Island (in New York). They recently brewed up at the Broadway Commons in Hicksville who I’ve had a very solid relationship with for many years at this point. When I saw what they were doing and checked them out – I was floored by the creativity that went into the location!!! Literally 30 different ‘sets’ to choose from with everything you need to have your own little shoot (even if you didn’t have a professional photog with you). I had a feeling that we would get a few winners out of this shoot – thankfully, I was correct! John did an incredible job working with myself and my Grindhouse Radio co-hosts to create some really killer shots as a group, as well as singular.

To be completely honest and transparent – it isn’t necessarily an easy thing to get different shots that I haven’t done before… so I am a big fan of themed shoots where I can essentially get into character for whatever situation I’m in. Another thing that has been an undeniable factor in my happiness with photos is the weight gain. My body shape is different to begin with – now, with the additional weight that I gained over the pandemic… I’m at the heaviest I have ever been and that is not a fun thing. Now don’t get it twisted – the reason I put on pounds isn’t due to lack of initiative! I’ve had bone-spurs in both shoulders preventing me from lifting (especially lifting my own weight), as well as a torn meniscus which has plagued me for the better part of six months (at least) – this has been an extremely difficult and painful position to be living in. That being said – I recently aligned myself with Ultimate Gym in order to get myself back in some kind of gear, even if limited due to these injuries. I’m hoping that I can utilize the re-opening of the world (even if it is just slightly opened) as the catalyst to get myself healthier, lose the weight I gained, bulk up again where I lost it and feel more comfortable in these photoshoots.


Now that I’ve discussed weight gain… I also want to establish that I have no issues with body positivity – I feel comfortable in my own skin and feel everyone should feel the same in theirs! My losing fifty pounds doesn’t change the fact that I’m a big man. I personally want to feel better. After my bought with COVID – things changed… I don’t breathe the same way I did before. SO the heavier I get, the harder it is for me to breathe and function properly. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me; or their idea of what I ‘should’ look like as a celebrity. These are people’s personal opinions and I’m here to help break that mold and change the cookie cutter norm. It has always been my mission to go against the grain and be unapologetically authentic – 100% myself. Anyway… I just wanted to give shout outs to John F. Sheehan Photography, the crew at Selfie Clubhouse, and my new friends at Ultimate Gym for allowing me to be better, express myself and capturing the moment. Be good to yourself and always be comfortable being you – an original is always better than a copy! If I can do what I do – so can you.

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