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New Product Launches & Media Links for October

Hey Borderhounds! Hope you are all healthy and well out there! I've been keeping extremely busy recently and haven't really come up for air - which kind of goes against all of my normal personal rules and regulations. I have some NEW products launching this month that I'm extremely excited about including my book, 'Brim-isms' a collection of my inspirational thoughts and motivational words. On top of that - the Forward is written by my dear friend, Charles Martinet (Nintendo's Mario, Luigi, Waluigi) and is worth the read in itself. You can pick one up currently exclusively at for a discounted rate (hurry up and grab yours now before the price goes up) - Link to order is HERE. Meanwhile, towards the end of the month - the wait is FINALLY over for my NEW Ultra-Hot Sauce... 'Torched Stone Thai' which will be released in conjunction with my friends over at Torchbearer Sauces! I'll be offering a discount code for that as well when we're ready to launch, so keep your eyes peeled for that! It has been a long time coming since I released a new sauce into the market - so I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Ben & Vid from Torchbearer and I have been talking about doing a collaborative sauce for the longest time; we'd finally hooked up at the beginning of the year (right before COVID-19). It was an awesome day playing mad scientist as I like to call it - blending flavor behavior to the fullest extent! I was ecstatic to have my son Dylan work with us on the flavor profile as well - such a wonderful experience. Who said work couldn't be fun every so often!!! I also want to give a shout out to my pal, The Doodlin Dork - who did an awesome job designing the main artwork for the bottle... I think it is the perfect blend of Torchbearers and Brimstone - just like the sauce itself! That being said - it is a very busy and exciting month for ole' Brim. I've been accepting a bunch of media requests recently which has truly been a lot of fun - I forgot how much I enjoy connecting with other creators and their audiences! I appreciate the opportunity for every conversation I am blessed to engage in. Please make sure to catch all of my upcoming appearances (including on-air) on my Official Schedule.

I had a great time hanging with Justin Wright on his show - the Valley Vegan Podcast! You can listen to the Episode by clicking HERE. It is absolutely hilarious that myself... a HUGE meat eater - spent time hanging out on a vegan podcast; but we truly had a great time and I hope anyone who tunes in enjoys it (whether a meat eater or vegan). Another good time was had joining The Development with hosts Luis & Eddie - you can either click over to my Scriptures page on the site or via their YouTube page HERE. More fun was had rallying for World College Radio Day - I enjoyed being interviewed by DJ Tara Cicchetti for WMSC, Montclair College. We did a live airing at the launch and hit college radio station around the world - starting in New Zealand! I'll update with the link to the video once it is posted on their end, as well as adding it to Scriptures. Make sure you all support your local and regional college radio stations and on-air personalities - they are the stars of the future!

I finally had the time to get back with writer, Markos Papadatos who asked me to interview with him earlier this year. You can read the interview over at Digital Journal - we discuss lots of fun staff and things, including the Best of Long Island Awards to which I hope you'll all vote for myself and The Grindhouse Radio for 2021 as the polls are now OPEN!!!

PLEASE VOTE every day for us until Mid-December in each of the following categories:

Best LI Personality: Brimstone

Best Radio Station: The Grindhouse Radio

Best Podcast: The Grindhouse Radio

Best Recording Studio: The Grindhouse Radio

We REALLY appreciate the help with this... EVERY year it is an honor and a privilege to take home this prize; but we can only do it with YOUR help!

I have a few fun appearances coming up in the coming weeks that you'll definitely want to check out including The Fantastic Duo Show with my pal Steve Cardenas (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) on 10/13; as well as The Rockstar Dad Show with my brutha Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) on 10/26. You can grab all the details on my Schedule and I hope you'll tune in for some fun and laughs with friends! That is about it for now - I think you're all caught up?!? If not - I will write again really soon. You can also keep up with my day to day via Instagram - I am normally the most active there and would love to hear from you! Until then - stay safe... and thank you for the support!!!

- Brim

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