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Have You Checked the Scriptures?

Hey, hoping you're having a great and positive day! If you're new visiting my site - welcome,

thank you for stopping by and joining me on my journey through life. I'd suggest if you'd like to learn more about me (Brimstone), that you perhaps take a stroll through the Scriptures Section of the site... it's where written and video interviews / stories with and about me live on. Whether you're a newbie just trying to figure out WHO I AM and what I do; or an old school fan looking to support and stay in the know about everything going on in the Wasteland... Scriptures is essentially your prime destination. Aside from my pop culture based interviews - There are tons of little value nuggets sprinkled within the business and entrepreneur based interviews that are priceless. If you question how I do anything I do... I'm an open book and essentially offer all my secrets for FREE throughout my interviews!

I truly enjoy speaking with different creators and offering the knowledge that I've learned throughout the years. If you have a podcast or are a writer who's looking to have me on as a guest - please feel free to contact me via my Contact page HERE and either myself; or an assistant will respond to you fairly quickly! Since the pandemic, I've really made it a point to stay engaged with my audience by continuing to vibe with SO many cool and interesting hosts via their shows! The list literally goes on and I have new ones every day... literally - I do between 2 to 4 interviews a day MINIMUM! Some great guesting I've done recently for example are shows like The After Hours Entrepreneur, Million Dollar Hobbies, Serious Growth, Reinventing Perspectives, The Biz Reveal, Before the Lights, The Nickolas Natali Show, and the list goes on! I'm repeatedly impressed and enamored with the many hosts I have the opportunity to meet and chop it up with - the talent and pure tenacity of these people is inspiring and impressive. I would suggest checking them all out - not just for my interviews; but for the hosts and shows in general. I can guarantee you'll learn something from each.

I enjoy engaging with all this incredible talent and it's intriguing to see what each of them brings to the proverbial table! It is an honor and privilege to connect with such a motivated grouping of people. I think that the one positive thing that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic - is the creativity and outward efforts in developing shows, brands, businesses, etc... it is extraordinary! I hope that you'll find the interviews as motivating and inspirational as they are meant to be - I always aspire to inspire! If nothing else, I hope that you as the viewer or reader can see that I am just being me... unapologetically authentic. If I can do it, so can you - now go make some magic of your own!

- Brim

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