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Goodbye Old Friend

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Boys II Men were right... it's SO hard to say goodbye to yesterday! This morning, the NEW Official Website became the actual and ONLY - as all my url's switched over... and my site for the last ten years vanished into thin air... into the abyss. It was a good run old friend, it's a shame you weren't tended to over the years. It wasn't you, it was me. We just grew apart and I needed more... it's not your fault. I'll always remember you as you were, young, vibrant... full of life - there for me through the ups and downs. You were beautiful right up to the very end. I still have elements of you within the new site, just as I'd kept older elements in you of websites past. Never forget where you came from... where it started.

You weren't the first... this shiny new site probably won't be the last; but you'll stay alive forever within my heart.

I raise a toast to you... for sticking with me through the ups and down. A true friend to the end. I know you're resting easy now somewhere over the internet.

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