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Brimstone & Company Light Up NYC

It NEVER gets old seeing yourself up in lights - especially in what's considered your backyard! The bright lights of the big city certainly draw in the star-filled eyes of millions of entertainers around the country. New York City is one of the epicenters of entertainment and landmarks for success... if you can make it here - you can make it ANYWHERE! I'm proud to say that Brimstone, The Grindhouse Radio and The Dirty Little Secrets Club lit up Times Square in Manhattan last night and the campaign will be running through Sunday! Again, I have seen myself up on billboards all around the country - it is ALWAYS a mind blowing experience; however when I looked up and saw a GIANT SIZED

me staring down at myself from the NASDAQ... let me just say that it was a feeling I'd never felt before. Seriously - it was insane... it didn't feel real, even when I was staring back at myself! To make a long story longer, it was insane taking a stroll around Times Square and having my crew and I literally popping up all over the place! We were on the corner of 8th and Broadway (two billboards), Port Authority, Bryant Park and the aforementioned NASDAQ!!! I'm proud to have shared this WIN with my partners Kim Adragna, Tom Greer and Dayna Pereira- as well as my friend and photographer who's photos were used on the billboards, JR Messina! I'm also blessed that all of you helped to

get us to where we are... it's an honor and a privilege to entertain you. If you'd like to see a grouping of billboard photos - Check out the slideshow to the left. You can also see some videos if you visit my Official Instagram, specifically this post HERE. I'm looking forward to more big things to come - 2023 is gearing up to be a BIG year for myself and the Brimstone related brands. I'll be back on Tour with a heavy National Appearance Schedule - You'll be able to keep up with dates by checking in here on my site often, dates will be added regularly. If you'd like to see me at an event near you - Please request me by reaching out to the convention directly. Any serious inquiries seeking to book me for an event... you can find my agents via my Contact page HERE. Thank you SO much for popping by and sharing some time with me here on the BrimBLOG - I know that in these times of mass-content, you have a choice on where to spend your time - I greatly appreciate you spending it here! - Brim

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