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Before Brimstone...

It was most definitely an easier time. Not needing to be involved in the every day hustle and bustle of the real world. I had an interesting upbringing that I'll go in depth with via my autobiography that has been in the works for a long time. For those of you long time fans who've been watching and keeping tabs on me for awhile - I apologize for the delay in publishing the book; but it was not anywhere ready to be put out years ago and I'm glad that I held it - it just wasn't time! To be blunt... there has been so much that has happened in my life (good and bad) over the last ten years that it wouldn't have been fair to have left it out. I promise it to be an interesting read once it is ready though! So anyway, my son came across a bunch of old vintage photos of little me - so I scanned them in and figured I would share them here with all of you. I don't have many pics from my youth scanned - or out in the ether, so to speak; but at this point in my life and career... I don't mind sharing. Just don't mind the cheesy smiles and bowl cuts... I didn't have control of my own brand in those days! What was with the infamous bowl cut anyway? Like... why? The pic on the left is from 1977 at 3 years old - looks like a photo from school; but not quite sure!

Do YOU remember being a child? Footloose and fancy free... not a care in the world! Being so young and fresh - the universe was your oyster. I remember playing with my GI Joe's out in the front yard of my childhood home in Uniondale, New York - pretending to be a superhero. Maybe it was fate that I'd eventually become a professional wrestler who'd become a comic book character, huh! I recall being a kid (when kids were actually kids), playing games in the streets - being outside from the time the sun came up... until well after it came down - only taking a break to bathroom or when our mom's made us eat lunch! We were imaginative... we came up with games like crocodile and the floor is lava. Played games that challenged our toughness like dodgeball... Lawd I miss me some dodgeball! The fact is - being a kid in the '70's and 80's was literally like no other (especially not in the current standing of the world). I was 3 1/2 years old in this photo to the right circa' 1978 - that pic was taken at my Hebrew School.

This pic to the left is one of the only photos that I have ever found of myself and my Dad - I'm about 2 1/2 here and it's from 1976 or 1977! I'm sure there are others; however I don't have many. I'll have to ask him if he has any that I can snatch up. I look WAY too innocent there huh? Anyway, I just felt like ranting a little bit and enjoying a glance back into my youth - I don't normally have the time to stop and smell the roses; but when I do... it is truly glorious! Let's do this - for any of you out there young and old... this weekend, let's try to unplug for a day. Go spend some time outdoors, not clinging to our phones; or staring at televisions or computers. Let's spend some quality family time - try talking to one another for a change... in PERSON not via text or phone! Haha, seriously... just enjoy a day or two like we all used to - in simpler times. Love you all, have a fantastic day and let me know on social media if you decided to take my advice!

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