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the Mini Dachshund

Need a little puppy love in your life? C'mon, we  know you do...

Make sure to FOLLOW Brimstone's pup Jasper on his public Instagram page @gotJasper where you can sit back and enjoy life as it's meant to be...

Seen through the eyes of a dog!



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Are you a small business or corporation seeking Jasper to be pictured or filmed playing with your toys, wearing your clothes, eating your treats?

How about a NEW product that you'd like to have seen in an authentic and organic way? YES. We CAN do that! But wait, there's more...

Are you a photographer seeking him to pose for puppy pics?

Agency seeking the cutest little actor for TV, Commercial or Film?

Regardless of the reasoning - We'd love to hear from you!

Please reach out by filling out the Request Form to the right.

An authorized representative will be in touch with you!

*Only serious inquiries will be considered

**We do NOT accept 'buy-in' Ambassador Requests

***We do NOT post Coupon Codes 

got Jasper: Request Form

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