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AWESOME New Art by Kenny Durkin

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of artwork - and I absolutely LOVE seeing artist's renditions of myself; as well as The Grindhouse Radio cast! We've received a bunch of really, REALLY cool work and always encourage artists of every style and skill level to submit to us for highlighting on-air, on-site and social media! Sometimes... what we receive exceeds our expectations - I'm thrilled to say that I was not expecting to receive such awesomeness this past weekend from my pal Kenny Durkin. If you are unfamiliar with Kenny - you should be getting yourself acquainted!

The Grindhouse Radio by Kenny Durkin

He is a character artist of over twenty years who spent a good portion of his career as an in-park artist for Disney. I'd like to say that He is a master of many styles and truly captures his subject's personality in the characters and caricatures that he creates. That being said... this guy does some incredible work! I was personally in awe while scrolling through his Insta-feed as each post was filled with fantastic, fun art of old favorites as well as his own creations. I'd love for you all to visit his Official website HERE and make sure to FOLLOW him on social media as well for constant artsy love!!! Now, without further ado... I present to you the piece that I received. Also, if YOU would like to have a piece created for you by Kenny - he DOES accept commissions! Customized artwork is a priceless gift - especially when the artist is on point. Make sure to give him a shout and a shot at drawing YOU!

- Brim

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